Auburn, UNC. Boogie flaunts in No Rush after big offers from

Boogie Fland has been out of high school for months, but has readied herself to exhaustion all spring and summer.

“I wanted to be more of a student of the sport,” Fland says. “It’s one of the areas I’ve really focused on this summer, so there really was no time for me.”

Such is the life of one of the nation’s top high school hoops prospects. Fland, a 6’3″ point guard, spent countless hours each week studying the film, understanding how to break down its strengths and weaknesses and preparing and executing scouting reports.

“They did a great job in that,” says Terence “Munch” Williams, director/coach of the PSA Cardinals (NY) of Fland. “He is looking at the game on a different level now, and what really sets him apart is just the concept of winning.

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