A different world can create different pressure on your marriage

The world has become a global village and many people are interested in exploring the possibility of experiencing other cultures which can inform the decisions of couples moving to study or work in other countries. Many millennial couples are now settling down in a different country after their marriages, breaking away from the tradition of family support after a new marriage. A couple who shares similar values and adventures are more likely to find happiness in discovering their new world together than a couple who have little or no interests in common. Moving to a different country can certainly create different pressures on your marriage.

Family disconnection

The challenges of adapting to a new culture can create more problems for your marriage if your relationship is already struggling, the idea of moving away from families and loved ones who you go to for moral support can have a significant effect on your marriage now.

However, living away from families who have not empowered you with the tools that will allow you to navigate your marital challenges can become a blessing in disguise. Some marriages break up due to external influences and when couples are left alone to resolve their own issues, they are more likely to learn how to compromise with each other when no one else is there to intervene.

Culture shock

Moving to a new country as two adults coming from a different culture can be daunting especially when one or both of you are set in your own way of doing things. Living like a married couple in Nigeria is certainly different from what is attained in most western cultures if that is your destination of choice. Therefore, it is advisable to note the differences and plan to incorporate your old and new cultures together to get the best of both worlds.Nevertheless, the differences can also create a challenge for a man or woman who is not open-minded and adaptable and can put a lot of pressure on the marriage if he/she cannot see things from an unfamiliar perspective. Every culture has its own benefits and drawbacks, and it is important to see the good in how couples in your new country nurture their marriage and use some of those elements to fill the missing gaps in your own.

Unexpected setbacks

The reality of moving into a new country would usually mean starting from the bottom or waiting to actualise the dream you have both promised yourselves. This can be a short or long wait depending on the systems in place and other dynamics you may not have prepared for. This can also mean going back to equipping yourselves with certain skills or training and working alongside if funds are limited. It could also mean taking up jobs that may be seen as undignified and degrading for a while and such a situation can become depressing if you were both highfliers in your home country.

A spouse who is ill-prepared for the unexpected can find him/herself feeling inadequate and vulnerable in such a situation and may begin to take the pressure out on the partner which can be distressing for both persons involved. It is therefore important to communicate each person’s expectations and put strategies in place to manage setbacks.

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