7 benefits of Shea butter that you hardly pay attention to

Shea butter does have benefits that you probably have paid little or no attention to. A major benefit of Shea butter is that it’s versatile. It can be effectively used in more than one way for more than one purpose.  

It can be applied at anytime to your body, your hair, can be used to cook your meal, and the Icing on the cake is that it is cheap and easy to use. According to Collins Nnabuife on Tribune online, Nigeria is the largest producer of Shea butter followed by Ivory Coast, Ghana and Togo. Shea butter in Igbo is called Okwuma, Ori in Yoruba, Nupe calls it Kochi, and Kadanya in Hausa. 

 What are the overall benefits of Shea butter? 

As mentioned earlier, Shea butter is easy to use and can serve different purposes effectively.  

1. For your Skin 

One benefit of Shea butter is that it gives your skin proper treatment. Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties that could help to reduce skin inflammation.  

If you have a dry skin that has refused to get better, the use of Shea butter would help to moisturize your skin. The moisturizing element in it would  prevent your skin from peeling and clean up the scars resulting from the same. It also keeps your skin from aging faster than normal. 

 Shea butter does well to treat acne, eczema, and other blemishes on your skin. It contains antioxidants that help to reduce itching of the skin and treat scars that are on your skin because of scratching.  

Are you struggling with stretch marks after childbirth or due to other reasons you can’t pinpoint, Shea butter is one remedy that your skin will thank you for. 

How do you feel after shaving without applying cream? Your skin feels irritated and you feel the bumps in the shaved area. Shea butter could serve as a shaving cream, and could also be applied after shaving to give you ease and comfort by reducing irritations and soothing the bumps.  

2. Ease from diaper rash 

Another benefit of Shea butter is that it would help give ease from diaper rash. Diaper rashes are often caused by reactions due to heat or infection from the use of diapers. They usually affect the private parts, thighs and the abdomen of the child. More often than not, children using diapers are susceptible to skin rash. However, Shea butter would help to keep the effects of the rashes in check and reduce discomfort from itching and other reactions. 

3. For cooking your meal 

People often ask if it’s appropriate for them to use Shea butter to cook. Yes, by all means. Another benefit of Shea butter is that its presence in your meal reduces cholesterol. Consumption of Shea butter can help to lower your chances of having a heart disease, because there’s reduction in bad cholesterol. You might also be protecting yourself from stroke when you have Shea butter in your meal. 

4. For your hair 

Your hair is definitely a part of you that you don’t joke with. Many a time, you’d find people always going extra mile to ensure that they have a healthy hair. They often want to do less and have great results; in terms of length, volume and health in general. Ask those with thick hair, they’ll tell you. Shea butter is the less that could give you great results. It could serve as a hair treatment product, hair conditioner or hair mask. 

It prevents hair loss. Protects your edges. Protects the end of your hair. Strengthens your curls and your hair and also gives definition to your curls.  

Protecting your scalp from dryness and flakiness by adding moisture to it is another benefit of Shea butter. It could serve as a natural leave-in conditioner. And above all, it strengthens your hair strands, and prevents breakage. 

5. For your health tribune link 

Shea butter could also serve as a soothing balm  for knee pains with symptoms of osteoarthritis. It could be used to heal your wounds, burns, skin ulcer, insect bites, psoriasis also known as itching, scabies, arthritis. Nasal congestion is not also left out. 

6. Enhances body fragrance 

Shea butter has a natural sweet smell, and you could mix your butter with essential oils or any fragrance of your choice to switch it up a bit. It could serve as your body cream or hand cream 

7. For guys and ladies who love to keep a simple lip outlook, you could use it as a lip balm. It would keep your lips moisturized and healthy; no peeling of the skin of your lips.  



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