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She-Hulk is set to be getting her own MCU debut with She-Hulk: Attorney At Law on Disney+, has had many adventures as a superhero; this includes many crossovers with other Marvel characters. From singular issues to partaking in massive events in the Marvel universe, She-Hulk has made friends and lovers with many other heroes.

With Jen Walters joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tatiana Maslany’s portrayal has the potential to meet a lot of heroes in the future. The many comics from over the decades provide examples that the MCU could take inspiration for She-Hulk’s future crossovers on film or on Disney+.

This comic would show the beginning of a long-lasting friendship between Jen Walters and Ben Grimm. She-Hulk and The Thing have been partners in crimefighting for years, even in the new 2022 She-Hulk run, the two are still friends.

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The fun-loving nature of She-Hulk combined with Ben Grimm’s grumpy yet lovable attitude leads to a cute dynamic between the two heroes. There are even hints at romance as they playfully flirt with one another but in the end, Ben Grimm is a loyal man to Alica. Add in a simple villain plot involving a reactor and it’s just a fun team-up.

The Civil War event does not have a massive role for She-Hulk but her story during the event is an interesting one. It shows her views on the situation and has her engaged to the son of Spider-Man’s rival J. Jonah Jameson, leading to a quasi-Spider-Man and She-Hulk in a way.

She-Hulk’s side of things allowed for a nice break of levity and fun since Civil War is such a heavy and rather-depressing event. However, Jen’s side isn’t just laughs and giggles, she shows a lot of her maturity as well.

Spider-Man has some of the most fun to read crossovers with other superheroes and The Avenging Spider-Man #7 is a perfect example. It’s Spider-Man and She-Hulk working together to stop a supernatural threat in the form of the Egyptian goddess Bastet.

Both Jen Walters and Peter Parker like to throw quips at their foes which is one of many reasons they make good partners. It has fun action sequences but also a lot of humor with Peter Parker getting the head of a cow and Jen growing a green cat’s tail.

With the original Fantastic Four gone, She-Hulk allied with Ant-Man, Medusa, and Miss Thing to form the new Future Foundation. Matt Fraction’s writing mixed with the unexpected lineup of characters leads to a couple of volumes worth of adventures that had the same level of character depth and superhero spectacle as his Hawkeye run.

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She-Hulk was a nice addition to the team seeing how she was already an alumnus of the Fantastic Four. This would end up being a precursor to when she would lead a different superhero team years later. As a bonus, the artwork by Mike Allred is stylistic and resembles classic comics from the Silver Age.

The friendship of Jen and Ben celebrated its 30th anniversary with a special that has them going up against the Roxxon corporation and Dragon Man. This is one of She-Hulk’s more forgotten adventures since it took place between the famous John Byrne and Dan Slott runs when She-Hulk wasn’t nearly as popular.

The Long Night showcased the talented writing of Todd DeZago who has written for characters such as Spider-Man, Storm AKA Ororo Munroe, and Doctor Strange. He mixes sci-fi with fantasy elements such as vampires, making for one of Jen Walters’ more zany adventures.

She-Hulk goes through a lot more in Civil War II, almost dying at the hands of Thanos being only one event. She also ends up transforming into a Gray Hulk, reverting her to a more brutal and savage state similar to her cousin.

This comic delves more into the friendship between Jen Walters and Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel. The good captain feels responsible for everything that happens to Jen, the two heroes being written at their most grounded and human.

On one hand, there is Lyra who is the darker warrior She-Hulk from an alternate timeline and on the other is the classic Jen Walters. Comic book writer Harrison Wilcox brought the two together in a spin-off of World War Hulk.

Jen puts Lyra under her wing as they hunt a variety of villains together. The two drastically different personas and fighting styles lead to an unlikely partnership that ends up working better than expected. Lyra also manages to shine in this comic as the New Savage She-Hulk, keeping from being overshadowed by her more famous mentor.

Before she was the leader of A-Force, She-Hulk was part of another female-led team of heroes in She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision. Jen along with Invisible Woman, Valkyrie, Storm, Thundra, and many more have to save the galaxy from a new threat.

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Jen shines in this comic and is a seed that would blossom into A-Force. Other characters such as Susan Storm and Mantis steal the show and writer Peter David delivers a story that is akin to the MCU Guardians Of The Galaxy in terms of humor mixed with action and suspense.

Though Jen Walters has been featured in many crossovers, she tends to work alone as She-Hulk; even in Cosmic Collision, Jen was just part of the team. A-Force is one of several comics that showcase her ability to be a leader, using her charisma and wisdom from years as a lawyer to communicate with her team.

Those that enjoyed She-Hulk and Captain Marvel’s friendship in Civil War II will enjoy the two as they work together even more in this series. Other members include Dazzler, Medusa, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, and many other of Marvel’s powerful women.

With John Byrne as the writer for iconic runs of She-Hulk and Fantastic Four in the 80s, he brought the two comics together. After Ben Grimm lost his powers, the jade giantess took over for her friend as the fourth member of the Fantastic Four for many issues.

This not only resulted in She-Hulk having one of her best costumes but her becoming an iconic and powerful member of the Fantastic Four. Jen proved herself a worthy successor to Ben but this was only temporary. However, she has remained a longtime friend of the team and has guest-starred from time to time.

Marvel’s most iconic team: the Avengers got a fresh start in 2018 and joining the team was none other than She-Hulk. This was during her Immortal She-Hulk era when she was finally being depicted as a Hulk rather than a green supermodel.

Immortal She-Hulk was a welcomed addition alongside Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider and Captain Marvel now as a leading member. After Secret Wars and Civil War II, even the iconic characters like Captain America and Thor had been through a lot of changes so this new run of Avengers by Jason Aaron was to help new and old readers alike get back into Marvel comics.

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