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10 Throwbacks The Flash Needs To Include In Its Final Season

The Flash is reaching its endpoint at the CW, with only one more shortened season in sight. It’s been a brilliant run, with the finale of the series also marking the conclusion of the Arrowverse as fans currently know it. There are so many ways that the last few episodes could pay homage to what has come before.

Returning concepts, characters, and settings are just the start for fans to revisit old narratives that made The Flash so popular in the first place. The series is closer to the comic books than ever and while it’s unclear how these characters and this reality will live on, rest assured that what’s about to come will certainly be a playlist of the greatest hits.

Origin stories are so vitally important in any DC property, but Barry Allen’s background has informed and defined the character since his debut in Arrow. That initial shot, of the forensic scientist getting struck by lightning, has not only become iconic but is an image that has been returned to time and time again.

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The final episodes will surely put a new twist on this moment, considering old and new fans alike are so familiar with the situation and outcome. What’s more, the deaths of Barry’s parents also added depth to the character. While his mother’s tale has been revisited before, it might be time to add a little more to his connection with his father.

The Justice League was revealed in the Arrowverse after the finale of Crisis On Infinite Earths. The concept behind the team hasn’t been revisited since, even though they should have had a major influence within the context of each respective show.

The Flash is the only series that revisited the team, bringing in Black Lightning for a particularly tense arc. With The Flash seemingly capping off the Arrowverse as a whole, the Justice League should get a narrative together, with Barry rightfully taking a leadership role, thus concluding his journey. A team-up of this nature would be a far cry from a filler episode.

The earlier seasons of The Flash heavily relied on the twists and turns that result from a major identity reveal. Harrison Wells’ unveiling as the Reverse-Flash was a notable turning point of the series, although the fake Jay Garrick’s turn as Zoom is another memorable example.

As the show has gone on and specific characters return more regularly, there’s less and less room for a shocking villain reveal. The final season has to set up a situation, with enough red herrings, that leads to one of The Flash’s famous twists, that keeps fans guessing until the revelation.

In regards to returns, Team Flash has lost a fair few allies across the years. There are Multiversal heroes like Jesse Quick, firm friends such as Cisco Ramon and Kamilla Hwang, alongside excellent guest stars such as Julian Albert. The final season should be a gallery of former roster members.

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Old arcs could be renewed with the comeback of some of these faces and Team Flash could be given one episode where its line-up is more complete than ever. There are surely some threats that require every ally of the past to combine their shared knowledge and powers.

While the villain of the week formula is the driving force behind the structure of The Flash, it’s also important to note that each season, especially in the earlier days, boasted a big bad to contend with. Reverse-Flash, Zoom, Savitar, Bloodwork, The Thinker, and the second Mirror Master are a few examples.

It’s commonplace in the Arrowverse for the conclusion of a series to head back towards some of those famous conflicts, to up the stakes for these heroes. Many of these villains managed to cement their place in TV history and it’s only right that they get a final appearance to leave their mark on Barry.

The concept of the Multiverse took hold in The Flash. Although it’s an idea that has leaked into each show within the Arrowverse and even allowed these TV shows to connect to the movies and stories from the past, there’s still so much that could be achieved with the Multiverse.

Heroes that have been largely forgotten, Multiversal variants of the Flash like Jesse Quick or The Accelerated Man, should have an opportunity to be featured in some capacity. What’s more, it would be quite the throwback narrative to see Flash in the Multiverse, as a parallel to his discovery of the likes of Supergirl on her own Earth.

The Flash has been faster than ever recently, but he also had to contend with losing his most special abilities. Barry Allen has lost his speed more times than anyone can count. He’s pretty overpowered right now, but it’s the trope of the show to have his back up against the wall.

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Even if it’s only for one episode, it would be a note-worthy throwback to see Allen lose his speed one last time, as an investigation of who he is as a hero without his most well-known power. Fans want to see Flash in full force though, so this kind of story shouldn’t last for very long.

Characters like Iris, Cisco, and Caitlin are integral to the fabric of The Flash and there are even those heroes and villains that might have shown up once, but changed the direction the series was heading in. The Multiverse of Wells is in a category of its own though.

Despite the evolution that fans saw within the variants of the characters, a Wells in each season was the must-have element for The Flash to work. The Council Of Wells was the collection of these personalities and fans will want to see a throwback to some of those familiar faces. Wells deserves to be happy after all, in all his forms.

Jitters have been home to Team Flash for so long. S.T.A.R. Labs is where the vigilante action takes place but Jitters is where some of the more personal stories within the team develop. The coffee shop even boasts a few drinks named after the supers of Central City.

Something tragic probably has to happen to Jitters to mark the end of an era. The importance of this store cannot be overstated and it would give the Flash an unusual stake to fight for. The coffee shop also acts as a reminder of the regular people Barry fights to protect, alongside hosting the journalistic ambition of Iris. Its many memories have to be cherished.

A variation of Wells decided that for S.T.A.R. Labs to survive it had to be transformed into a Flash museum. It was a neat idea, but one that never really got off the ground until the period of Nora and Bart. At some stage, as a throwback to the past and the future, S.T.A.R. Labs needs to make its final transition.

This transformation can act as a collection of the Flash’s greatest moments, taking audiences down memory land as Barry puts together the trophy room that represents his career as a superhero. It may be the perfect final shot for fans to ponder over, as a symbol of the legacy the hero is leaving behind in Central City.

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