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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Sauron As A Character

Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power will premiere on Amazon Prime on September 2, 2022, and fans are eager to see the adaptation of Tolkien’s appendixes. After the release of the series’s full trailer in SDCC 2022 and a possible hint to Sauron’s fair form, it is clear that the Dark Lord will be coming back to screens to haunt the people of Middle Earth.

Given that The Lord of the Rings is set in the third age- and Sauron has been around since the first – little information about the Dark Lord is given, however, his history is vast and complex, and it will hopefully be further explained in the new series. Until then, some hilarious memes can sum him up perfectly.

Sauron was not always an imposing and scary-looking villain, but he was quite handsome in his fair form. His real name was Mairon and he was a Maia of the Vala Aulë the Smith, and with him, he learned a lot about smithing and crafting.

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At first, Mairon was good and attractive. However, the influence of Melkor – an Ainur who became the first dark lord which he admired – led him to become a corrupted and evil force that wanted to reshape the world. It is imaginable that other beings of the first age tried to run away from Mairon just like Homer on his ski, damning the fact that he was evil but undeniably sexy.


The Lord of the Rings films are considered movies that everybody should see and it’s all thanks to Sauron’s unapologetic cruel behavior. His obsession with order and perfection led him to do the evilest of deeds to conquer Middle Earth, and unlike other villains of other universes, he did not try to convince anyone he was a good guy.

Palpatine and Voldemort could certainly learn how to be plain evil and not care about what others think just like Sauron. After Melkor’s death and Sauron being defeated a couple of times, his hatred for other races and beings grew. Consequently, he desired to avenge himself and destroy everything on his path without any sort of complex explanation.

Sauron easily has the highest level of speech in all of Middle Earth. Almost everybody has fallen victim to his lies and persuasions, including Saruman, who after speaking to him, decided to join his side and betray other Maiar, including Gandalf, just like the meme hilariously depicts.

The wisest wizard of Middle Earth was surprised to find out about Saruman’s betrayal, however, in the first and second ages, Sauron had such a way with words that he was released by Lúthien when she defeated him with her hound Huan, then convinced he Elves of Eregion to forge the Rings of Power, manipulated king Ar-Pharazôn and corrupted men. The combination of his good looks and sharp tongue was a deathly and very convincing act.

Sauron was slain two times before finally being defeated in the third age. However, in these two previous “deaths” he had lost his physical form and wandered as a spirit to regain strength and have a body again. Between those periods, many years could pass without sight of Sauron.

That is why it is funny to imagine orcs just waiting and hanging around without a purpose in life while their master is gone, but being especially excited about his return because they’ll be able to eat again. Everybody hates orcs, but it is thanks to them and their empty stomachs that fans have the greatest scenes in The Lord of The Rings movies.

In Tolkien’s books, it is described that the eye of Sauron is somehow visible in flames on the top of Barad-dûr. It is also explained that it was depicted in banners and other things as the Dark Lord’s symbol. However, its iconic burning image was designed for Peter Jackson’s adaptation, and it’s how most fans picture it today.

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The flames make Sauron imposing and terrifying, however, it is funny to imagine his iris on fire being a metaphor for the burning sensation of a pink eye, which could explain why he is so mad and irritable all the time. If that was the case, Middle Earth could have given him a couple of eye drops for him to cease all desire for destruction and save themselves a couple of wars.

Sauron is powerful and horrifying in all ages, but in the third age, he does seem a little bit weaker than in prior periods. With his ring missing his power was limited and he was vulnerable, and that is why he was desperate to find it and get it back just like a little crying Cheems.

Before Isildur had cut the ring off his hand, Sauron had an amazing streak of conquers and victories, including the ones mentioned in the meme. The son of Elendil should have destroyed the ring to prevent Sauron’s return, but if he hadn’t been tempted by its power, the third age’s battles will not have become scenes that always give you chills in Jackson’s movies.

Every time Frodo wore the ring, Sauron could see him through the unseen realm. Owning the One ring was able to corrupt anyone and plumb them into the darkest of thoughts, which made Frodo so weak that some consider that Lord of the Rings is one of the movies that were ruined by their whiny protagonists.

Despite it being detrimental to Frodo, the hobbit was easily tempted and would continuously use it, which made the ring call its master and maybe wake him up startled from his deep sleep. This would explain why Sauron’s eye is red too, and given that it is never explained how his iconic eye was formed, all possibilities are on the table.

From all the ring bearers, Bilbo Baggings seemed to be the least affected by its dark power. He kept the ring for many years and still didn’t become as corrupted as Gollum or Frodo. Fans theorize whether it was because Bilbo kept the ring in his pocket, it was tired of Gollum and relieved to be with Bilbo, or because of his relaxing smoking habits.

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Although the ring bearer’s unequal treatment could be explained by Sauron’s strength – which was weaker at the beginning after being defeated by Isildur – for some fans this explanation does not answer all their questions and makes Bilbo’s happy-go-lucky personality even more lovable and hilarious.

Above all, Sauron loved order and perfection, and he wanted to reshape the world in a way that was highly functional and productive, which could be hilariously compared to some speeches that revolve around humanity’s progress, industry-wise.

Although later his hatred became an unstoppable source of destruction, in his flaming eye, he was changing Middle Earth into something perfect and tidy. Sauron would be a great political figure on our planet, given that he gifted rings to other nations, allowed thousands of orcs to work on his mines, and developed a strong army.

Unfortunately for Sauron, he would be defeated for the last time when his One ring was destroyed in Mount Doom by Frodo and Sam. After this, his flaming eye on top of his tower would go off, and the whole building would crumble to the ground, announcing that the Dark Lord had been vanquished forever.

The moment of victory can be accurately compared to the function of a bulb and a switch. Saur “on” when the eye was alive and emitting light powered by the magical tower, and Saur “off” when the dark lord was no longer around, and consequently, the power was cut off.

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