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Wordle 377: July 1, 2022 Hints & Answer | Screen Rant

A new month is here and full of Wordle words for all the puzzle-solving fans out there, July 1st starts out with a middle-of-the-road difficulty that shouldn’t cause too much trouble for most. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Wordle has to be its revolving difficulty, what may be a common, and easily guessable, word for some could cause others a heap of trouble since it’s just not commonly used in their world. There are also words that have multiple possibilities and common prefixes or suffixes like ‘ING’ or ‘ER’. These can lock players into guessing multiple wrong answers and running out of guesses incredibly fast. The fact that most players never know how difficult their daily puzzle will be that day has many coming back over and over to see how the game shakes out.

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Despite all the differences, Wordle is a simple game at its core, and this has been the main reason for its lasting star power. Players can easily integrate the game into their morning routine and only add about 10 minutes of time. This makes Wordle the perfect start to any day and an easily rememberable thing to do, even if there is a lack of tiny colored emoji boxes littering the social media landscape now. For most players, this game has simply become part of an everyday cycle.

For those players who don’t want the direct answer to today’s Wordle, here are a few hints to help out.

The July 1st Wordle answer is PINTO.

The word pinto is synonymous with multiple things, there’s the obvious pinto bean, the older car model, and most commonly a way to explain a type of horse that has a coat color that consists of large patches of white and any other color. For our Wordle starting word we tried IRATE which led to an incorrectly placed ‘I’ and a correctly placed ‘T’. We followed that up with our second guess FLITS, this didn’t provide much except a few extra incorrect letters. Assuming that the ‘I’ had to then go in the second position we tried the word MINTY which showed us that we were correct about the ‘I’ but still incorrect about the word. This led us to the correct answer and a Wordle win-in-four with PINTO.

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