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Wolverine's Nemesis Has Never Looked Cooler Than This Hellish Cover Art

Warning: Spoilers for the Sabretooth series ahead!

The savage X-Men villain and constant thorn in Wolverine’s side, Sabretooth, is a mutant who’s synonymous with rage and violence, and in a new piece of cover art for an upcoming issue of his solo series, Sabretooth gets a hellish makeover! Let’s just say that being stuck in a perpetual Hell of Krakoa and Sabretooth’s doing hasn’t made Sabretooth any less of an evil guy, and this cover art isn’t afraid to show it.

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An eye-catching variant cover that’s part of the yet to be released Sabretooth #5, by Victor Lavalle and Leonard Kirk, this new series has focused on this iconic X-Men-related character as he’s thrust into a situation that he nor any other mutant alive has been involved in before. The first person to be imprisoned on (or rather under) the island of Krakoa, Victor Creed aka Sabretooth isn’t exactly happy about his current predicament and is making moves to ensure he’s not stuck there for long.

Serving time indefinitely in a place called The Pit of Exile after he violated one of the new laws of mutantkind, this Pit acts as a mental prison where Sabretooth essentially lives in a dreamland of his own making. Keeping Sabretooth’s physical body in a sort of stasis while he runs what amounts to his version of Hell inside his psyche, Victor is met by multiple versions of himself that represent different parts of who he is as a person, with this variant cover bringing Sabretooth’s more demonic side to the forefront.

Drawn by the talented Maria Wolf and perfectly colored by Mike Spicer, this image immediately catches the eye not just because of its wild arrangement of warm, fiery colors, but also due to the sheer amount of evil dripping from an art style that turns Sabretooth into the literal manifestation of his more ruthless, fierce, and untamed nature. A stylized take on a less than stylish villain, this monstrous version of Sabretooth sees him as a toothy, snarling beast complete with bloody claws set against a background of flames, no doubt a reference to his new “King of Hell” moniker now that he rules his mental world like the devil himself.

Sabretooth may finally have the ability to break free from his Krakoan prison, but it’s still up in the air about whether or not he will succeed. So until his fate is decided, this feral Sabretooth cover will have to tide fans over until the fifth issue of his X-series releases next week!

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Sabretooth #5 will be available from Marvel Comics on July 6, 2022.

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