Why you should start using online drives to save your files

Years ago, saving files involved the use of papers, in file folders stored in rows of metal (or wooden) filing cabinets or the use of punched cards. This traditional method of saving files has been eroded as a result of the stress and disadvantages associated with it.  

In today’s world, the use of a good cloud system, in the form of online drives, has replaced the traditional method of saving files. These online drives have a lot of advantages which include security, convenience, ease of accessibility, cost efficiency, convenient sharing of files, recovery, and so on.  

Ensuring the security and accessibility of your files is of paramount importance, thus, discussed in this article are reasons you should start using online drives to save your files since it is the best option that guarantees the security and accessibility of your files.   

1. Security 

Saving your files on online drives such as Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft one drive, and so on guarantees the safety of your files as they can’t be lost on the cloud storage. The use of physical drives such as USB doesn’t really guarantee the safety of your files as can get lost at any time.   

If you need to ensure the safety of your files, then saving them on online drives is your best bet.   

2. Ease of accessibility   

Saving your files on online drives provides you with ease of accessibility, that is, you can access your files anywhere and anytime.  

 For example, if you have saved a file on your online drive using a mobile device, you can retrieve that file using a computer or any other device with internet connectivity. It doesn’t matter where you are, if you have a good internet connection, you can access your files easily.  

3. Longevity   

Unlike the traditional method of saving files which are only for a short period, the use of online drives guarantees the longevity of your files as long as you have access to cloud storage and a good internet connection.   

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4. Extra Storage capacity   

The use of online drives gives you extra storage capacity in addition to your device storage capacity.   

Alternatively, if the current plan of storage on your online drive is not enough, you can upgrade the service plan. And you do not need to move any data from one location to another, the extra space will be added to your storage environment with some extra features.   

5. Ease of sharing files   

You do not need to move an inch in order to share your files. Right from the comfort of your home or office, you can share your files with thousands of people across the globe.   

Every cloud storage service provides file-sharing features, which help you to share your file with other users. You can either share a file with another user or invite multiple users to view your file.   

6. Multiple users  

Your online drive can be accessed by different individuals at the same time. Multiple users can work together on a common file on online drives.   

For instance, you can give different individuals access to your files so they can access and edit your file. Those you grant permission to your files can access your file from any part of the world in real-time.  

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7. Recovery   

Files saved on online drives with backup plan can be recovered in case your device crashes.  

Every online drive has a backup storage plan where copies of all your files are stored in case your device crashes. You can get access to all your files through the backup storage feature on online drives.   

The need to save your files on online drives cannot be overemphasized as they are the best bet in ensuring the security, and ease of accessibility of your files.   

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