Why you should consider planting a tree

With the gradual depletion of the ozone layer as a result of man’s activities and its consequent danger to the environment,  it is important that we all find a means of salvaging the situation and one of such ways is through the planting of trees.  

There have been advocacies by both government and private individuals on the need for individuals to plant trees as it is one of the most engaging and environmentally friendly activities. Siscussed in this article are reasons you should consider planting a tree.  

1. It helps break strong winds  

There have been several cases where lives and properties have been destroyed as a result of powerful wind most especially in the northern part of the country. Planting trees in your environment will help you prevent the effect of powerful wind that can cause disaster and death.  

2. For beautification   

Planting trees helps beautify our environment. There are different kinds of trees and if planted makes the environment more beautiful.  

So, if you have plans of making your environment more beautiful, planting trees is definitely the best way to go.  

3. It improves the quality of air  

Another reason you should plant trees in your environment is that trees help purify the air. Trees are among the irreplaceable resources on the planet that provide oxygen.   

Trees absorb odours and other harmful gases like ammonia, nitrogen oxides, Sulphur dioxide, and ozone. When you strategically plant trees around your home, you reduce your need for air conditioning, thus, tree planting help you save cost as well.   

4. It provides shade  

People who have trees in their surroundings need not bother about sun, especially during hot weather.   

Having trees in your surroundings gives you shade which can serve as a good relaxation spot without being exposed to the scorching sun.   

5. It helps mitigate environmental issues like erosion, landslides   

Planting trees also help in reducing environmental issues like erosion, landslides, and so on.   

Rain and wind are the main forces that damage the soil. As the rain hits the ground, it has enough power and momentum to penetrate the soil, thus causing erosion.   

Having trees planted in our surroundings helps break down the rain droplets, thus weakening their strength and preventing damage to the soil.   

 Planting trees also make our environment more habitable and productive.   

6. Food for households   

If you plant trees that produce edible fruits or leaves in your environment,  then you have a good supply of food and fruits at your disposal.  

 And this is a great way provides food for your household and it contributes to your health and that of your family as well.   

Planting trees over the decades have been a proven way of improving the environment and individuals health. Thus, it is high time for you to start planting trees in your surroundings because there is more for you to gain.  




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