Why life is hard, unpleasant in Nigeria

From Okwe Obi, Abuja

A former Governor of Borno State, Kashim Shettima, has explained why life appears “nasty, brutish and short” in the midst of abundance, in the country.

Shettima, who spoke yesterday in Abuja at the investiture of Yusuf Ali as the 11th President of Rotary Club Abuja Maitama, pointed out that citizens get swamped by inordinate worship of money; individualism, and crass materialism at the detriment to the wellbeing of the masses.

The former senator implored citizens to work towards retrieving Nigerians who are migrating to different countries through dangerous routes as a result of poverty and despondency, by fixing the rot in the system.

He said: “Every lifetime, that is been dedicated to professional excellence and community good, represents the type of life, that we must valorise, especially given how much we have become swamped, by inordinate worship of the cult of money; individualism, and crass materialism, that has increasingly made life so nasty, brutish and short, in our country, to borrow the words of the Political Philosopher, Thomas Hobbes.

“We have to make this country work. Nigerians would not need to go through Libya to get to Europe for survival. I believe if we are united Nigeria will survive and that is why I am proud of the Rotary club.”

In his acceptance speech, Ali, an editor with a national daily, pledged to justify his position by putting smiles on the faces of despondent Nigerians through community development.

“But I want to assure you that I will serve this club without fear or favour or ill-will. I pledge to work hard, uphold our diversity, and ensure justice, equity and inclusion.

“I promise you abundant love, will grant you listening ears and provide enough comfort. My catchword is I will do things differently.’”

“You owe Rotary an obligation to stick to it is of time, talent and treasure. Let us offer the best and be the best in the end,” he said:

He clarified that “Rotary Club is not a cult society. It is purely a charity or a humanitarian and a service society.

“At a time voluntary organizations have become history in Nigeria, Rotary fills the gap.”

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