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Welcome To Plathville: How Ethan Is Standing Up For Himself

Ethan Plath has become more assertive on Welcome to Plathville season 4, as he has been standing up to his parents and wife throughout the season. Ethan is known as the happy-go-lucky eldest Plath child, meaning he saw his parents at their strictest. He has struggled with expressing himself and getting in touch with his emotions, but he has made significant progress on the latest season.

Ethan is getting more serious as the Welcome to Plathville seasons go on, going from the goofy sibling to an adult struggling with his marriage. Ethan and Olivia Plath married young, and Olivia’s feud with Ethan’s parents have been a major issue in their relationship, as Kim and Barry Plath do not approve of her anymore. Ethan and Olivia went through marriage counseling, separated, reconciled, and are doing everything they can to make their marriage strong again.

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Ethan is used to getting walked over by others, especially the women in his life, like Olivia and Kim. He has been manipulated by his mom over the course of Welcome to Plathville and throughout his childhood, as he has called his mom a “sneaky lady” on multiple occasions. After she made it so that he was estranged from his younger siblings still living at home, Ethan cut off contact with his parents. This season is showing him reconnecting with Kim and Barry, but he is able to stand his ground now.

Ethan had separate conversations with his parents on Welcome to Plathville, and he seemed more willing to have a relationship with his dad. He has learned how to better speak about how he is feeling, though that is still a work in progress, but he wanted his dad to take accountability for the fact that the men in the Plath house never talked about feelings. Ethan said that his dad was shut off emotionally, and when he sat down with his mom, he told her that he did not feel like she tried hard enough with him when he was younger. He always felt behind in his education while being homeschooled, something Moriah and Micah Plath also brought up to their mom.

When Kim defended herself, Ethan made sure to get his point across and let her know how he felt about his childhood. He is also learning to stand up to Olivia more. He used to avoid conflict at all costs and do anything to appease her. Some Welcome to Plathville fans think he has taken that part too far, as he has been shutting down when he feels emotional and doing things like buying a motorcycle without telling Olivia. The final straw came when Olivia refused to go to his brother Joshua Plath’s grave because Kim would also be there, and Ethan did not let her off the hook for not being there when he needed her. Fans are proud of Micah and hope that he will continue standing up for himself this season.

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