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Walking Dead Season 11 Image Teases Gruesome Character Death

A new The Walking Dead season 11 part 3 behind-the-scenes image teases a brutal zombie attack. The super-sized final season of AMC’s long-running zombie apocalypse drama is down to its last eight episodes. Fans are left wondering who will live and who will die when TWD unleashes its end game later in 2022.

Of course some of these survival questions have already been answered thanks to the spinoff announcements made in recent months by AMC. Fans indeed already know that Negan and Maggie will get their own show Isle of the Dead, guaranteeing those two fan-favorites will still be standing at the end of The Walking Dead season 11. Daryl also is set for his own spinoff, so fans can rest assured that Norman Reedus’ character will survive and they won’t have to riot. Things are less however when it comes to the future of Carol, who was originally set to join Daryl in his spinoff show. It’s possible AMC could keep Melissa McBride’s long-running character alive with an eye toward reuniting her with Daryl down the road. Or they could pull a surprise by having Carol meet her end in the last run of Walking Dead episodes.

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No matter what’s set to happen when The Walking Dead season 11 wraps up, it’s a sure bet AMC won’t let any remaining secrets leak out ahead of time. So it’s safe to say that TWD cinematographer Duane Charles Manwiller’s latest BTS image doesn’t contain any major spoilers. The image does however contain a whole lot of extras dressed up as zombies making a meal out of some unidentified hapless victim. See the shot in the space below:

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It’s of course no surprise to see such a zombie attack as this happening in the Walking Dead universe, as zombie carnage has been the show’s hook since it first arrived on AMC in 2010. Indeed the show’s undead mayhem has become so rote over the years that it’s arguably now a little boring. But the action should pick up in intensity as TWD season 11 plays out, with the fate of many characters seemingly hanging in the balance.

The above image of course does not let us see who is being attacked, but it’s safe to assume this is just some incidental character who happened to get very unlucky. If a major character like Eugene, Rosita, Gabriel, Princess or Aaron is set to get it in the final run of episodes, it’s certain that no BTS image of the moment would be allowed to make its way out to the masses. Obviously there’s no guarantee that any major characters will die in the final eight episodes of The Walking Dead. But given the show’s history of dramatic deaths, it would be very surprising if every fan-favorite walked away unscathed from the finale. Sadly, chances are that at least one beloved long-running TWD character will meet a tragic end when the show returns. The premiere date for The Walking Dead season 11 part 3 has not yet been revealed.

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Source: Duane Charles Manwiller/Instagram

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