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Villains Of Valley View: Where You've Seen The Cast Before

Villains Of Valley View premiered on June 3rd on the Disney Channel with an average of 295,000 people watching (per Soap Opera Network). Despite low viewership, the show still has a chance to succeed, with the lineup of actors and the fun concept likely to pull audiences in.

The new show tells the story of a family of super villains on the run from the evil organization in charge of the world’s worst powered individuals. At the heart of the series is themes of friendship, redemption, and family.

James Patrick Stuart plays Vic, the dad of the super villain family that’s on the run. His alter ego is Kraniac, a villain that can control things with his mind. He is also very intelligent, inventing new gadgets all the time.

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Before Villains of Valley View, Stuart worked on several shows and movies. For example, this new superhero show isn’t his first time working with the Disney Channel. He played Jessie’s father in Jessie and Lance in Shake It Up. He may be well known for his contribution to the soap opera world with his roles in General Hospital and All My Children. One of his most popular projects is Supernatural, which gave Stuart experience playing a villain in the seventh season of the horror series.

Isabella Pappas plays Amy, the middle child of her family who wants to prove she’s a great asset to the team. Her character draws several similarities to pre-existing sitcom character, Alex Russo. Her villain name is Havoc and she can manipulate the energy around her.

Pappas is a phenomenal actress. Her performance as Amy is great. Because of this, it is hard to believe Pappas only has seven acting credits. Her most prominent projects to date are Finding Alice, a drama-comedy following the events of a strange death, and two episodes of Paranoid, a mystery thriller that explores the conspiracies around a murder with multiple eyewitnesses.

Mariah Iman Wilson plays Starling, a perky superhero everyone adores. She is Havoc’s nemesis who endures the brunt of Amy’s rage for humiliating her in a battle.

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Wilson has a good resume of acting credits. When she was young, she played Magic in Dreamgirls alongside Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, and Jamie Foxx. She brought charm and emotion to Magic and delivered a beautiful story of family and love. Most recently, Wilson played Nadia in the 2020 reboot of Saved By The Bell. Her character first appears in the fourth episode of season 1 and recurs throughout the entire show.

Lucy Davis plays Eva on Villains Of Valley View, the super villain mother of three. She has the power to manipulate electricity and, unlike the rest of her family, she holds a thick English accent.

Davis has 61 acting credits to her name, her oldest projects dating back to 1993. She has starred in several huge shows and movies such as The Office U.K. and Shaun Of The Dead. Most recently, she played Hilda Spellman, one of Sabrina’s aunts, in Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. Davis has only started in this new Disney Channel show and a short film since the spine-tingling Netflix original came to an end. Both Eva and Hilda have magical abilities and struggle to figure out their place in their respective villainous organizations.

Isaiah Morgan plays Milo, a kid at school and a superhero fanatic with a collection of hero memorabilia.

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Isaiah began acting when he was just 5 years old. Before landing his role in Villains Of Valley View, he was a part of several short films including Mermaids and Pink Jacket. He also earned roles in Uncle Ed’s Bucket List and True Detective, in which he plays the young version of Mahershala Ali’s son. Isaiah has only appeared in one episode so far of Disney’s new show, but he’s set to reprise his role in future episodes.

Reed Horstmann plays Jake in Villains Of Valley View. He’s the oldest of three children and he holds the power of superstrength. His parents often appear disappointed in him because he has a moral code and wants to do good in school.

Like Isabella Pappas, Horstmann is a fantastic actor, and it’s hard to believe he’s only been in five things. He began his acting career with a short film titled Cattle Call, and he went on to play Stick Goldstein in The Expanding Universe Of Ashley Garcia, a Netflix show canceled after only one season. Fans adore Stick for his loyalty, humor, and relatability. Those who love Horstmann’s performance in Ashley Garcia will love him as Jake in Villains Of Valley View, as they have similar quirks.

Kayden Muller-Janssen plays Hartley in Villains Of Valley View. Hartley is the perky neighbor and friend of the family. She knows their secret but likes them anyway, and she encourages them to be good.

Kayden has only one acting credit on IMDb. She starred in the short film, Spies: Room Of Secrets, available to watch on Vimeo. Her character and three other girls wake up in a mysterious room and discover they’ve been kidnapped and their parents are spies. Kayden is the logical, calm girl in the room who wants to solve the mystery instead of just complaining about it. Her character in the short film seems to have a different personality from Hartley, which shows Kayden has a wide range of talent waiting to be explored.

Malachi Barton plays Colby in the Disney Channel show. Colby is the shapeshifting youngest child who struggles with his role in the family because he never got to use his powers as a villain.

Malachi may be young, but he isn’t new to acting or the Disney Channel. He began his career in 2014, guest-starring in family sitcoms. He landed his first major role with Stuck In The Middle, a show that explores the everyday struggles of a big Latin-American family. Malachi is just one of the cast who has continued to do big things since Stuck In The Middle ended. He’s made several appearances throughout Disney Channel’s programs, including the 2021 reboot of Under Wraps.

Patricia Belcher plays Celia in the show. She’s the landlord and neighbor of the super villain family. Her granddaughter, Hartley, stays with her. At first, Celia comes off as quiet or senile, but viewers come to realize that she has a fun, wild side.

Patricia Belcher has been in many films and tv shows throughout her career, with 157 credits to her name. She is often typecast as a grumpy side character, such as her role in Good Luck Charlie. She played Mrs. Dabney, the next-door neighbor to the Duncan family, who dislikes Gabe and the trouble he gets into. Patricia has also had roles in Bones500 Days Of SummerThe Week Of, and several other projects.

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