UK shuts down children-only transgender clinic after complaints from whistleblowers, patients and families

The UK’s National Institute of Health has decided to shut down its only gender identity clinic for children following in an independent review, citing “insufficient evidence” regarding the impact of puberty blockers and “considerable risk of distress and deteriorating mental health.” Complaints were also raised by whistleblowers, patients and families. Meanwhile, in the U.S., the Biden administration is pushing the trans agenda on kids, despite an FDA warning of intracranial pressure from puberty blockers.

Using children as guinea pigs to promote a radical transgender agenda is physically and psychologically damaging to them, not only immediately, but also in the long term. No one knows yet to what extent. This should be obvious, but the woke movement continues to harm the most vulnerable.

“NHS to close Tavistock gender identity clinic for children,” by Andrew Gregory, Guardian, July 28, 2022:

The NHS is shutting down its gender identity clinic for children at the Tavistock and Portman NHS foundation trust after it was criticised in an independent review.

Regional centres would be set up to replace the service and “ensure the holistic needs” of patients are fully met, NHS England said, after being warned that only having one provider was “not a safe or viable long-term option”.

The Tavistock clinic, named the Gender and Identity Development Service (Gids), was launched more than three decades ago to help children and other young people struggling with their gender identity.

But in recent years, concerns have repeatedly been raised about the service. Inspectors rated it “inadequate” after complaints raised by whistleblowers, patients and families….

It followed recommendations from Dr Hilary Cass, who is leading an independent review of gender identity services for children and young people.

She said there was a need to move away from a model of a sole provider, and instead establish regional services to better meet patients’ needs.

In her interim report, released in March, she wrote: “It has become increasingly clear that a single specialist provider model is not a safe or viable long-term option in view of concerns about lack of peer review and the ability to respond to the increasing demand.”

Cass said there was “insufficient evidence” for her to make any firm recommendations around the routine use of puberty blockers. She told the NHS to “enrol young people being considered for hormone treatment into a formal research protocol with adequate follow-up into adulthood, with a more immediate focus on the questions regarding puberty blockers”….

Cass said this was leaving young people “at considerable risk” of distress and deteriorating mental health….

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