UK: Muslim art and culture festival to be held in Christian cathedral

Christians continue to do the dirty work in relation to Islamic art. Manchester’s Salaam Festival, running from July 20-25, will take place in Manchester cathedral, among other venues.

Why a cathedral? Good question, considering that Islamic art is a death sentence for Muslims and non-Muslims alike if there’s a whiff of any depiction or suggestion of a depiction of Muhammad involved.

There are over 100 mosques in Manchester, so why the need to use a Christian cathedral as a venue? The festival involves singing from the first Pakistani female Grammy winner. We see all too often across the Islamic world that women and men are arrested and beaten for even daring to perform outside of a mosque, let alone with in its walls. Perhaps this is where Christianity is useful to rogue Muslims in the West: they can get away with doing things that they would be stoned to death for doing in their own lands.

St. Andrew’s church in Southwark, London, is a regular host to the Big Gay Iftar, the traditional Islamic evening meal which celebrates Ramadan during the month of Pride for gay Muslims.

Progress, for Muslims in the West, would appear to be being Muslim in Christian locations.

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