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Top 10 Reactions To A Jon Snow Game of Thrones Spinoff, According To Reddit

Long after Game of Thrones controversial ending, HBO is now developing a Jon Snow sequel, with Kit Harington set to return. This news has set off a wide range of reactions, with Jon Snow fans hoping to see his life Beyond the Wall.  Others cast a leery eye, and a percentage are outright disillusioned and bitter as they recall Daenerys Targaryen’s unceremonious death.

HBO’s Snow could redeem the Game of Thrones series back to glory, but every addition to the franchise has to surmount the unpopular resolution of the original series. Users on Reddit reflect current audience moods, and their responses showcase a range of expected and unexpected feelings; mostly, they’re all about that Game of Thrones ending.

Redditors unhappy with the Game of Thrones conclusion harken back to the famously mocked “it was all just a dream” story twist in the season 9 finale of the primetime soap opera Dallas (1978-1991). It was revealed that the season’s events were a character’s dream and, therefore, irrelevant to the story.

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Reflecting the exasperation of many Game of Thrones fans, Reddit user DeShaka9 asks “Can it [the Snow Sequel] spin off from season 6 and reveal that he [Jon] just had two seasons of really sh**ty dreams?” Unfortunately, for those who would love such an outcome, this idea is unlikely to come to fruition.

“It’s official, we are never getting Winds of Winter,” RVanzo writes in response to the Snow sequel news, and many Reddit users agree. It is the familiar fear among readers of A Song of Ice and Fire that George R.R. Martin has become too busy elsewhere and grown unmotivated to finish his book series.

While some Redditors defend Martin, the majority are miffed that their favorite author seems less and less concerned with completing the story they fell in love with. Readers don’t want to be left with only HBO’s oft-maligned conclusion. For his part, Martin has been releasing promising Winds of Winter updates. Yet, there’s a lot of writing still to be done and the 73 year-old Martin is no spring chicken, so the fear is real.

While the idea of the sequel certainly has some people commiserating over their disappointment with Game of Thrones final act, others see potential. As TheloniusPhunk suggests, “Jon become[s] the King of the Six Kingdoms … [or] the next King Beyond the Wall … There’s more than enough for them [the show creatives] to go off.”

The creative depth of Martin’s world and the resulting HBO adaptation offers immense possibilities, though some disillusioned fans may be unwilling to entertain them. In the hands of fresh writers and guided by Martin himself, the resurrected Jon Snow’s banishment to the wild and wooly Westerosi northlands full of unpredictable Free Folk and who-knows-what could be great.

When a beloved TV show ends a long run, it’s always like losing a number of close friends. Viewers became attached to the characters, laughed, cried and struggled with them. The emotional investment is real and so is the sense of bereavement when they vanish, no matter how their stories end.

The opportunity to resume the relationships with favorite characters is always enticing, and news of a spin-off could mean some Game of Thrones characters could appear. “This is crazy news,” says Reddit user Serah_Of_Astoria. They continue, “But you know what, I’m really down for this … I miss these characters and this world. We’re never getting those books. I’m quite excited for this, tbh.” The worry about the ultimate status of the novel series looms again, but the chance to return to Westeros is, for many, like winning a golden ticket.

For a percentage of the Game of Thrones commenters on Reddit, backlash against the show’s season 7 and 8 can be all-consuming and tiresome.  Smythology18 writes “… I just don’t care anymore. The last 2 seasons just ruined it for me.” Those are strong words from people who adored seasons 1-6.

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Though many Game of Thrones Redditors may just be blowing off steam by complaining and do plan (secretly, perhaps) to watch Snow, the continual, online drumbeat of negativity that taints all the projects has to be at least a little worrying to the studio bosses at HBO.

As the inheritor of the most fascinating character arcs, Arya Stark’s enigmatic character emerged not only as a popular figure but also as one of the most important and consequential players in the story. Her final scene aboard a ship heading west almost demands a sequel, making Arya the perfect hero to her story.

Amongst Game of Thrones Redditors, there emerges a constant hum of pro-Arya sequel chat, exemplified in the words of user Vegan_Puffin: “Not really sure what scope there is for Jon Snow … Of all the characters, Arya would be the most interesting with a range to explore.” The attractiveness of Westerosi (and beyond) exploration, the wandering woman soldier, and the Faceless Men connection are magnetic to fans. While actress Maisie Williams is thrilled at the prospect of Jon Snow’s spinoff, there is certainly an argument to be made for a sequel chronicling Arya’s further adventures.

The sting of the fanbase reaction to the final season has to be galling on some level, but the spin-off could be a potential redemption to fix the wrongs from the finale.

Part of the studio’s mindset to bringing Martin to generate sequels is to take a shot at polishing up the franchise’s legacy by devising more satisfying payoffs and fixing the finale’s plot holes. Users on Reddit are savvy enough to take such things into consideration. “This actually sounds like a way for HBO to save the entire franchise by taking on a suitable ending,” writes ask_me_about_my_band.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kit Harington has been open about escaping the persona of Jon Snow and how the series caused mental health issues. Now that the actor has moved forward other projects in the last two years, he is also ready to reprise his famous role. He pitched the Snow sequel idea to George R.R. Martin who appears to have given the idea a big thumbs-up.

In the intermediate years, Harington has starred in projects like Eternals and a stage performance in the title role of National Theatre Live: Henry V. Redditor howdoichangethisok suggests “He [Harington] has tried other roles and done other things, but maybe he is actually Jon Snow irl.”

There are always the more cynical fans and it’s hard to blame them. Few people really know what the true motivations are, and in the end, the entertainment business is a business.

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To be fair, HBO is known for taking big risks in giving nearly carte blanche opportunities to artists, which has resulted in creative TV masterpieces like The Sopranos, The Wire, Band of Brothers, and, of course, Game of Thrones. Yet, the rich financial possibilities of greenlighting Snow can’t be discounted. “…maybe HBO realized milking the cash cow is probably worth it for them,” says Reddit user Alertcircuit. They continue, “It’s just a matter of which actors they can get to return.”

Ultimately, the idea of a return of the fan-favorite outsider Jon Snow is simply a joy for Game of Thrones fans. It adds to the lore and new possibilities around Martin’s incredibly well-developed A Song of Ice and Fire universe.

“Maybe I’m the only one happy ’cause I didn’t want that [Game of Thrones] ending to be the end of Jon’s story,” writes Redditor uncen5ored. The character is a favorite to many fans, and they like the idea that they haven’t yet seen his final act. In the end, it’s all about that ending.

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