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Titanic Fan Collects 159 Copies on VHS To Create Wild Movie Display

A Titanic fan has collected a massive amount of Titanic VHS copies and created an enormous movie display. Titanic was directed by James Cameron and released in 1997. Based on the tragic sinking of the titular boat, the film followed the story of two unlikely lovers, Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), who come from different social classes and fall in love only for that budding romance to be brutally squashed when the ship sinks.

For over a decade, Titanic was the highest-grossing film of all time, before it was surpassed in 2009 by another Cameron film, Avatar. Both films later lost out to Avengers: Endgame for the record. Nonetheless, Titanic’s release was incredibly impressive and prominent. The film stayed in theaters for 10 months, far longer than the average theatrical run of 4 weeks. Given the longevity of this stay in theaters, the movie was released to VHS at the same time that it was still playing in theaters, an unheard-of release strategy at the time.

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Though VHS tapes are now largely obsolete, one fan has collected 159 VHS copies of Titanic. TikTok user titanicfan97 collected the VHS tapes from thrift stores that still sold the infrequently-bought movies. They also purchased a cheap video player and a small TV and hooked those both up in the middle of an insane display. The display includes the Titanic VHS tapes on a 5-level bookshelf, with even more Titanic copies stacked on top including two rotating displays that bookend a model Titanic boat.

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While few fans are as obsessed with Titanic’s physical media as much as this, the buzz about Titanic has not died. Titanic is still touted as an epic romance movie, still widely viewed on streaming today. This has not stopped Titanic from garnering criticism over the years though. Titanic has inspired criticism based on it being boring, and also a heated debate over one of the film’s most crucial factual elements: whether or not Jack could have saved his life by fitting on the floating door with Rose or not. These comments have given Titanic a complicated legacy, despite its massive box office success and award attention at the time of its release.

Nonetheless, Titanic is clearly still relevant today even if part of its relevance comes from the discourse of its detractors. Recently, it was announced that a remastered version of Titanic will return to theaters in 2023. Between the ongoing Titanic discussions and the inevitable attention that its director will be facing after Avatar: The Way of the Water is released later this year, the Titanic re-release could perhaps be an immensely successful one, even if not every fan rushes to their local thrift store to find a physical copy.

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