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Thor's New Villain Has The Perfect Mjolnir-Stopping Weapon

Warning! Spoiler for Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #2 by Marvel Comics

Jane Foster has taken up the mantle of Thor once again, wielding Mjolnir as Odinson has gone missing. However, Marvel Comics has just revealed what happened to the God of Thunder, as a new villain managed to exploit a weakness in his hammer. In a new preview of Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #2, a surprising weapon pierces through Mjolnir and takes down the powerful god in a mysterious fashion.

In Jane Foster’s new series, Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor, a mysterious new villain worked alongside the Enchantress to unleash some incredibly powerful villains, from Algrim to Ulik, against Asgard. With Thor Odinson missing, Mjolnir was sent to Jane Foster, as the hero wielded the hammer again and transformed into the Mighty Thor. However, Foster is about to learn from Mjolnir what happened to her former partner, as a surprise weakness led to the God of Thunder’s capture.

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In a new preview of Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #2 by Torunn Grønbekk, Michael Dowling, Jesus Aburtov, and VC’s Joe Sabino from Marvel Comics, Odin, whose soul is currently inside Mjolnir, reveals to Jane Foster what happened to Thor Odinson. Odin recounts that when Thor was hunting in Vanaheim, getting a much-needed break from his duties as All-Father, he was attacked by Deer Woman wielding a bow and arrow. The new villain attacks, shockingly piercing through Mjolnir with her projectiles while bloodying and knocking down Thor.

Thor managed to throw Mjolnir before being defeated, as it was sent to Jane Foster. Odin reveals he has no idea who took Thor and used the arrows as a weapon to strike him down. Considering the former All-Father has lived for hundreds of thousands of years and seen just about every villain and threat imaginable, it’s concerning that even he doesn’t know the deer lady who shot through Mjolnir and exploited its weakness. Meanwhile, the rest of the preview shows Runa returning to Asgard and defending it from the numerous deadly attacks it faces.


Mjolnir is currently in a state of flux, as its true powers after being reforged with Odin inside are still fully unknown.  However, the new villain using a simple weapon such as a bow and arrow to break through the hammer and take down Thor is a cause for concern, as she somehow attacked a weakness in Mjolnir and the God of Thunder, making her a considerable threat against Asgard. So now, it’s up to Jane Foster’s Thor and Mjolnir to find the Odinson and try to take down the villains he couldn’t. It won’t be an easy mission for the hero.

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