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All set to appear in Thor: Love & Thunder this July 8th, 2022, the Asgardian God of Thunder is a character of many moods when it comes to his run in the comics. While there are some story arcs that humanize him as a deity who must deal with his own inner demons, Thor also has his lighter moments where he is just busy indulging in human activities (like grilling burgers and eating ice cream).

Most of the Thor-centric memes on the internet deal with such diverse moods of the almost-immortal Avenger. If not the son of Odin, his father Odin himself, and his half-brother Loki can feature in such memes. Some others even end up involving alternate versions such as “Grillmaster Thor” or even “Throg” (the frog version of Thor in an alternate reality)!

Source: lokiology on MEME

The above meme is a super dive into several panels from Thor comic book storylines over the decades. If there is one recurring theme that unites these comics, it is the everlasting presence of Loki in Thor’s life. Even though the two brothers have had their moments of reconciliation, they have often been in conflict with each other.

Given that he is the God of Mischief, Loki creates enough trouble for Thor to exclaim with speech bubbles that end with either a question mark or an exclamation. “Brother!” or “Loki?” are common words uttered by Thor regardless of the storyline.

Source: Zaoistill on iFunny

Even though Thor has lived on for centuries, it is only in the 20th century that he could pay a visit to Midgard and explore the human culture. The naïve God of Thunder wanders on one such similar adventure in one of the 1980s Thor comic issues, discovering a creamsicle.

While ice cream might be a normal food item for many a human, Thor gets so fascinated by it that he is ready to compare it with the nectar of the gods. The meme shares this classic panel from 1987 with a text conversation in agreement with Thor’s love for creamsicles (with one of the texts making a funny remark to the MCU version where he smashed a cup on the floor after he found a drink delicious).

Source: Moonpig

Virtually, Thor is immortal owing to Asgardian genealogy. Hence, it makes sense to feature Thor in a meme that also doubles as a birthday card. In comics, such as Jason Aaron’s iconic run on the character, Thor is nearly fifteen hundred years old (a fact also reiterated by the MCU version).

So, what even is old age for a god-like him. With flowing blonde hair falling on his shoulders and an unshaven face, the sleek artwork in the meme goes in tandem with his representation in his standalone and Avengers comics from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Source: MEME

Netflix has hit the ball out of the park with some of its originals but it has also a polarized reception when it comes to some live-action adaptations. The Death Note movie is the biggest case in point.

This meme similarly mocks this fact by displaying a still from a Kyle Hill (referred to as Science Thor here) video. The YouTuber is a science expert who breaks down the science of pop culture phenomenon such as the physics around Thor’s hammer. The descending order in which the other formats are mentioned probably implies that the manga (comic) version of the character is the most superior of the lot. Some loyal readers of the best Thor comics would willingly agree.

Source: Memedroid

While canonically Loki cannot be noobmaster69 (the Fortnite player who bullies Thor and Korg in Avengers: Endgame), a worthy competitor to the prankster is “Grillmaster Thor.” The meme perfectly shows how Thor is more than just fighting and doing godly deeds. Instead, he is passionate about eating and drinking to the point where he cooks on his own.

In this particular panel from a recent New Avengers comic, Thor can be seen cooking hamburgers for the team of young new-age heroes. But when the new Captain America demands to have pies, Thor orders the Incredibly Awesome Hulk (Amadeus Cho) to bring forth the pies, most of which seem to incorporate one sort of alcohol or the other, ranging from beer to mead.

Source: Theoryman360 on Reddit

One of Thor’s multiple versions in the comics is Throg who is exactly what he sounds like, a frog with Thor’s powers. The character even dons a similar armor, cape, and helmet albeit with a mini-sized version of Mjolnir.

Even outside the comic book lore, the day Thursday is named so in honor of the Norse mythology version of Thor. The meme goes on to joke how if Thor has Thursdays, Wednesdays are for Throg (as there exists a meme trend with random frogs announcing “It’s Wednesday, my dudes”). Jokes aside, the etymology of Wednesday also stems from Thor’s father Odin (who is known as Woden in some traditions).

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