There’re three shocking things people don’t know about me — Tacha

I was born and bred in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital. I grew up in a family of four— two daughters and my parents. My dad is from Rivers State, while my mum is from Ghana.

When people hear the name ‘Tacha’, I think ‘bold and confident’ comes to mind.

I represent my city so well. I am always proud of Port Harcourt; it is a city of hustlers. It is a city I cannot remove from my journey, hence the title.

I try not to pay attention to what people have to say about me. I would rather focus attention on myself. It is one thing for people to have what to say about one, and another thing for them to have the right thing to say about one. As individuals, we can only control our narratives. Instead of concerning myself with what people say about me, I spend more time on myself and my brand.

The BBN platform definitely added to my brand. I had fans before the show but the show helped my fans to come together. It is definitely part of my growth and my journey. It is a platform I will forever be grateful for.

I always love to find a good in all situations. It is either I am learning a lesson from it or, there is a reason it happened. If something goes wrong today, I tell myself it is meant to be for something else to go right. There was one thing people did not know about me while in the Big Brother house. I was never scared of eviction, because I believe every situation is a win-win.

Yes, I do, because one cannot effect certain changes if one is not involved in the system. I am currently not making any move towards that but in the long run, it is something that might happen. I always say that we cannot change the country if we don’t love it. If one’s family is staying abroad, even if everywhere in the country is burning, one would not care.

For now, it is about me lending my voice and encouraging people to exercise their rights. Nobody thought the Osun State election would go the way it did (an opposition party winning). This time (2023), we are ready and we will see it to the end.

I am a big sweetheart. I am an introvert and I love my space. Thirdly, many people do not know that I have been travelling round Nigeria, ‘preaching’ to people to get their permanent voter cards.

I cannot go out the way I used to before. I cannot be like a regular person, except I am out of the country. Everywhere I turn to, it seems people know me there, and it does get overwhelming. There are certain days when I don’t want to be Tacha. Even when I disguise sometimes, people still recognise me from my distinct voice. Sometimes, I have to install voice changing apps on my phone when I want to speak to someone and not sound like me.

Nicki Minaj is my all-time number one favourite but I have not met her yet. However, I really love all the women in the industry. I particularly admire Tiwa Savage, Omoni Oboli, Uche Jumbo and many others.

I also love Don Jazzy. He is a big inspiration.

We cannot just sit and do nothing. Many people have their personal interests, and some are not talking perhaps because they are gaining something from the country with the way it is. As for me, I have always wanted to be a better Nigerian. We have been lied to by our leaders who always turn a blind eye to our situation. With our eyes being open, we can see clearly that these people (politicians) are just playing around with us. You cannot be in public office, yet your child schools abroad. We are all human beings and we all matter. Many students are at home because of months-long strike of the Academic Staff Union of Universities. We need to stop the bias. We do not have leaders that love the country.

There wasn’t really a breakdown, per se. In coming out of the house, there were many people who thought I would not amount to anything. So, I had a lot of work to do.

While in the house, whenever I needed support, I knew there was an army outside the house who were voting (for me). All of the things I did in the house made them strong and committed to my journey. But, I had no idea that people were actually coming together as a team on my behalf.

It was done through consistency, hard-work and staying focused. When one is in the limelight, there will be many distractions, yet there are new celebs every day so, one cannot be distracted. One has to stay true to one’s brand and keep creating content. I always knew I wanted to do more. BBN was just another milestone for me.

The brand was introduced in 2018. I cannot remember how it came about but I am a big shopper, who likes to have all her essentials in place. I thought of a place where people could buy many essentials at a go. Managing the brand could be exhausting sometimes and there could be a lot of pressure, but with the help of my team, business has been going well. I always make sure to keep an eye on it from time to time.

It was great. It was a completely different show from Big Brother Naija. It involved a lot of physical challenges. It was really tough. One time, we had to jump off a cliff into an ocean. There was another challenge where we were in a moving airplane and we were throwing things down from the plane into a car.

The last time I checked, I had nine piercings. I have eight on my ears and one on my lips. I have three tattoos.

Losing my mum is a moment I will never forget.

All the outfits in my closet are expensive. I majorly work with designers and stylists, so I do not know which of them is the most expensive.

I do but I am currently single.

My achievements are out there most of the times to inspire young girls like me who are just regular people with big dreams. It is important to put this out there to encourage people that anything is possible. They need to know that one can make it in a clean way, because I am doing it. I will never dim my light for any man or relationship. If one wants something, one should go for it. If you are a man out there and you think you like Tacha, totally go for it. There is nothing stopping you.

These guys don’t even give reasons; they just start to act funny. Most times, I just read the energy and bounce (move on).

It will not be a problem to work with David. I consider him to be the greatest of all time. I love the fact that he works like an up-and-coming artiste who is still hungry. He has consistently been giving his best.

I will advise them to play their game smartly. They have to know that they don’t have information about what is going on outside the house. They just have to be smart because there aren’t times to make corrections. The way you start might take you to the end or take you out.

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