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The Summer I Turned Pretty: 10 Best Surprises In Season 1

Warning: this article contains spoilers for season 1 of The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Amazon Prime Video’s The Summer I Turned Pretty has been renewed for season 2, and since season 1 is packed with love, friendship, family, and heartfelt moments, fans can’t wait to see where Belly’s story takes her next. There are many surprises in these seven episodes, whether focused on Belly’s changing love life, her decision to be part of a debutante ball, or the hard truths that Belly’s mom Laurel and her best friend Susannah learn.

Over the course of one beautiful summer in Cousins, the characters in The Summer I Turned Pretty experience a lot of growth and transformations, along with some shocking revelations.

From the start of the series, Belly is one of the most likable The Summer I Turned Pretty characters. She’s kind, intelligent, and happy to be spending another summer at her favorite place in the world. When Susannah tells Belly that she would love for her to be a debutante this season, Belly is surprised and even more shocked when she agrees.

While Belly’s mom Laurel is worried that the ball is sexist, Susannah shares that the girls who are involved raise money for great charities, and Laurel comes around to the idea. Belly wants to become a more confident, secure and independent version of herself and she likes having something to both focus on and look forward to. Viewers can see the start of Belly’s big, significant, and meaningful summer right here.

For much of season 1, it seems like either Cam or Conrad will escort Belly to the ball. Belly is nervous about asking Cam, not wanting to get rejected, and she figures that Conrad wouldn’t want to go with her since he has been moody all summer long.

When Jeremiah escorts Belly to this big and exciting event, it’s a surprise since viewers had been expecting one of Belly’s two other love interests to be there. This ends up being one of the best decisions as Belly realizes that no matter what happens between her and Jeremiah, he will always be a kind, caring and supportive presence in her life, and she really appreciates their bond and connection.

Belly explains that she loves celebrating her birthday at the beach house in Cousins since Susannah always makes a fuss, insisting on baking a delicious and special cake. But when everyone gives Belly her 16th birthday gifts, Conrad says that he forgot when viewers know that he bought Belly a beautiful and sweet infinity necklace.

It’s a big moment when Belly finds the necklace and realizes that Conrad does care about her. Since Conrad once told Belly the definition of infinity when they were younger, she cherishes the gesture and this gift gives her the confidence and courage to let Conrad know that it’s now or never. If he doesn’t want to be with her, then she has to move on for good. It’s moving watching Belly transform and become someone who can share her thoughts and emotions, no matter what the other person says or thinks.

The Summer I Turned Pretty fans have questions about the major relationships that form during these season 1 episodes. When Laurel meets fellow author Cleveland, she’s determined not to like him as he’s a huge literary success and she assumes that he’s stuck-up. Before long, the characters are falling for each other, although Laurel attempts to keep her heart out of the equation.

At first, Laurel seems focused on writing another book this summer and doesn’t want to date after her tough divorce. Laurel surprises herself by admitting her feelings for Cleveland and realizes that she wants to have a love life. Laurel works so hard as a mom and writer and has been an incredibly supportive friend to Susannah for years. She definitely deserves something of her own.

When Belly and Steven’s dad John comes to the beach house, they’re excited to see him, and he’s thrilled to be with his family again, even for a brief period of time. John and Laurel are admirably civil with each other and have a nice conversation about how much their kids mean to them.

While John seems like a strong person who keeps his feelings inside, he admits that this divorce has been sad for him and that he really misses being with Laurel, Belly, and Steven. While Laurel and John know that they made the right decision to split up, they both mourn the loss of what they have, and it’s sweet seeing John admit that he’s struggling just as much as everyone else is.

The best quotes from The Summer I Turned Pretty are sweet, emotional, and full of heart. When Susannah’s husband Adam surprises the family for the Fourth of July, Susannah is upset at first since they’ve been having trouble, but this ends up being the best thing for them and their kids.

Adam makes Susannah see that she can’t run away from her diagnosis and that she has to face what’s happening, even though it’s hard, sad, and scary. Although Susannah’s story arc is serious and important, the love that she has for her family and for Laurel, Belly, and Steven keeps viewers smiling and balances out the heavy scenes.

From the upsetting moment that fans learn about Susannah’s cancer diagnosis, she makes it clear that she doesn’t want any more treatment. When Conrad and Jeremiah want Susannah to join a clinical trial, she’s resistant but then agrees to give it a try because they love her so much and are so afraid.

Susannah’s decision is one of the best season 1 surprises and allows the other characters to feel hopeful, even though they know that there’s a long and difficult road ahead. Conrad and Jeremiah are feeling relieved, emotional, and ready to take risks in their own lives, knowing that life is short and there’s no reason to wait.

From the beginning, Belly is in love with Conrad, but his brother Jeremiah is always there to make Belly laugh and smile. The two have a sweet friendship that has spanned several years and doesn’t seem like it can ever end.

When Jeremiah lets Belly know that he sees her as more than a friend and kisses her, it’s a shocking, juicy moment. While fans who have read the books know that Belly does like both Conrad and Jeremiah, it’s still a huge deal seeing Jeremiah take a risk and act on his feelings. This sets the love triangle in motion and makes Belly more confused than ever before, which is tough for her but makes for unforgettable TV watching.

Like all of the characters on The Summer I Turned Pretty, Belly experiences a lot of growth during this one significant summer. Although she’s unsure about being a debutante at first, she quickly realizes that being part of something is exciting and fun, and she welcomes the experience with an open mind, ready for anything.

Belly definitely shocks herself when she realizes that she’s having a great time and is really glad that she decided to do this. From winning a volleyball tournament on the beach to learning how to dance, along with making new friends, Belly feels cool, confident, and interested to see what happens next.

In the final moments of season 1, Conrad and Belly chat on the beach, and she says that he needs a shoulder to lean on but implies that they shouldn’t complicate things with thoughts of romance. Conrad, instead, kisses Belly in the most romantic and memorable moment from the entire season.

It’s a surprise that Conrad admits his feelings for Belly and makes a move since he has been dancing around her for the last few months. No matter what happens in season 2 and whether Belly ultimately picks Conrad or Jeremiah, it’s a good sign that Conrad is ready to share how he’s feeling.

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