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The Quarry: All Of Dylan's Deaths, Ranked By Brutality

Warning: This article contains images and descriptions of graphic violence.

As the popular interactive horror video game The Quarry continues to collect bodies since its release in June, avid gamers have begun to exhaust all 186 different story outcomes. Depending on the player’s in-game choices and deliberate pathway options, each of the nine counselors at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp can survive a night of werewolf slaughter or die in a multitude of macabre manners that range from the bloodlessly accidental to the gorily brutal.

In the case of Dylan Lenivy (voiced by Miles Robbins), the popular camp counselor has five ruthless potential deaths in the game, three of which have varied versions differentiated by length, onscreen carnage, altered camerawork, and the like.

If Dylan remains uninfected by Chapter 8, he and Kaityln will happen upon werewolf Emma on top of a van in the woods. Kaitlyn will have the option to shoot or run, but both outcomes lead to the same grisly demise of Dylan at the slavering maw of Emma. With Dylan left inside the van, Emma leaps atop the hood, punches through the windshield, and hyper-aggressively attacks the young man in a close-quarters ambush that is frightening, fiendish, and fiercely ferocious.

Essentially the exact same fatality ran through twice in different playthroughs; Emma first takes a hefty bite out of Dylan’s left forearm as the sound of gnashing flesh and crushing bone is heard. Then Emma buries her rabid fangs into Dylan’s throat and begins manically thrashing around as blood explodes from his neck in a disturbing way that reminds of Freddy Krueger swallowing Kristin’s body in Dream Warriors. Thankfully, it’s the swiftest demist Dylan faces, making it slightly more merciful than the rest.

If Dylan uses his intelligence as a counselor in The Quarry to remain uninfected by Chapter 10 and Kaitlyn dies in the kitchen freezer, Dylan will encounter an extremely rude Caleb in werewolf form. After tossing Kaitlyn’s corpse across the kitchen, Caleb takes a bite out of Dylan’s right foot as the sound of squishing flesh is heard, quickly lunges on top of him and brutally buries his fangs in the teen’s jugular vein, picks him up in the air with his teeth, thrashes him around a few times as blood erupts from his beck, before forcefully piledriving Dylan’s body on the blood-soaked kitchen floor.

While the fatality is extremely ruthless and physically powerful in both playthrough versions, much of the action is shrouded in low, dusty kitchen light that makes the concomitant grue hard to decipher, with Caleb’s beastly form itself largely silhouetted. Also, the abrupt nature of the fatality spares Dylan the kind of long, slow, painful death he experiences in earlier chapters.

In Chapter 8, if Kaitlyn fails to shoot Emma atop the van and fails to shoot her again while dragging Dylan by the arm, he will suffer an even more painfully agonizing demise. First, Dylan gets tackled to the ground by Emma before she bites his arm and forcefully drags him across the dirt as he screams for help. The sheer terror, tension, and suspense of seeing the skinned werewolf in full view escalate when the camera moves in much tighter to show Dylan lying in a prone position before Emma jumps on his back, crushes his spine, and gouges a huge junk of flesh from his throat that leaves a gruesome wound.

If that wasn’t gnarly enough, the camera shifts to a wide angle just as Emma takes another bloody bite out of Dylan’s left arm for good measure, leaving Dylan’s moribund body to bleed out under a full moon. Truly cinematic, the sequence makes the game feel like a real horror movie, especially due to the protracted length of the attack and the alarming graphic carnage it entails.

One of the most ruthlessly unnerving fatalities in the entire game comes when Dylan and Kaitlyn are stuck in the scrapyard in Chapter 9. With three different versions of the same extremely brutal and supremely cinematic sequence, if Dylan fails the QTEs and does not drop the car on top of werewolf Caleb, the wicked werewolf will climb onto the crane, frighteningly bash through the windshield, feast on Dylan’s right arm for several seconds while excessive streams of gore pour from his appendage.

After completely tearing Dylan’s right arm off at the elbow, Caleb grabs Dylan by the throat and mercilessly chops his other arm off with his sharp claws. Aside from the ferocity of the attack and unsettling graphic carnage depicted on screen, the claustrophobic dread Dylan faces with nowhere to run or hide inside the crane is what makes the fatality so memorably macabre. Moreover, the subplot with Dylan’s missing left hand plays a key part in the third version of the fatal playthrough, conjuring even more sympathy for an already likable Quarry character that adds to the baleful brutality. However, while it may be the best overall fatality Dylan faces in terms of cinematic choreography, lighting, sound FX, etc., the camp counselor encounters an even more savage Caleb attack.

While it’s clear that all of Dylan’s demises are quite harrowing in the game, none are more sadistically scary than having his entrails disemboweled and voraciously feasted upon by Caleb inside the Hackett house in Chapter 10 of the acclaimed summer camp horror game. If Kaitlyn fails to shoot an attacking Caleb in the house, the lethal lycanthrope will aggressively run up, jam his sharp claws into Dylan’s navel, sink his fangs into his carotid artery and rip it until a fountain of blood juts out, lift his body into the air and savagely pound it on the floor four times with ultra-brute force. The terror and tenacity are simply outmatched.

If that wasn’t overkill enough, Caleb rapaciously digs his rabid fangs into Dylan’s stomach and begins eviscerating his innards while the gore-sodden teen lies in a pool of blood with visible gouges taken out of his neck and navel. While this fatality only occurs in one playthrough, it’s by far the most violent, vicious, and vivid vitiation Dylan faces in The Quarry.

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