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The Forgotten Inhumans Could Form One of Marvel's Strongest Teams

Marvel’s wasted potential lies in their forgotten Inhumans, who could’ve quickly become one of their strongest teams with the Avengers and X-Men. After introducing a new cast of characters to the previous lineup of Inhumans, Marvel started to build up new storylines to tie them all together. These new characters once formed a new team for the Inhumans, but the idea was never expanded upon and was promptly abandoned in favor of classic characters. 

This team they created was made of NuHumans – a generation of Inhumans affected by the Terrigen Cloud released upon the world – and some classic characters. They formed a team built to help and protect NuHumans while also saving the day as the world’s newest superhero team. The eccentric characters had potential and when combined created a powerful team.

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The comic run All-New Inhumans (by James Asmus, Charles Soule, Stefano Caselli Rhoald Marcellius, and Andres Mossa) introduced the new team, formed by the Inhumans Crystal and Gorgon. It is made of the NuHumans Flint, Grid, Naja, Captain Swain, and Panacea who came together to create a team under the guidance of Crystal of the royal family. Their goal was to go out into the world and rescue all NuHumans, inviting them to sanctuary among their new people. This new team expanded the limits of the Inhumans and created new bonds amongst this next generation of heroes. Each one’s powers proved to be useful to the team, helping them work together to achieve a greater goal. 

All-New Inhumans #1 introduced us to the team, detailing their powers and potential roles among each other. Captain Swain’s power of emotional control and high empathy, as well as her quick wit and intelligence, uplifted her teammates and gave her the ability to manipulate opponents. The team’s healer is a NuHuman named Panacea who became a decision-maker and provided aid to those in need. Grid’s smarts and powers of energy manipulation helped the team advance scientifically to keep up with the world. Naja would prove to be the most versatile of the team, with an armory of abilities under her belt and a charming personality that meshed well with the others. Finally, the last NuHuman, Flint, was the heavy hitter with geo-kinesis who fought well alongside this team. They brought about diversity and representation to the world of Inhumans and fought well alongside each other because of their close-knit and budding friendships.

Together the team served their duty on diplomatic missions to invite and free their fellow NuHumans. Their team set off on these missions across the world, with stories focusing on the origins of some of the NuHumans. They saved countless lives and showed how quickly they were becoming a powerful team that worked well with their abilities combined. They faced off against the People’s Republic of Sin-Cong and helped a hidden group of Inhumans, saving them from uncertainty in the face of the Terrigen cloud. They had the potential to become something more and could have fascinating stories to tell if this team stayed together. All-New Inhumans #11 was the last time the team stayed together with just these characters, and it drew the series to a close with a warm and welcoming celebration, showing how close these friends are. 

Even though this team was forgotten about, the characters persevered and became part of different stories alongside those of the royal family. However, as side characters, the team was broken up into different areas despite how well they worked together during their back-to-back missions. With the team sidelined, these Inhumans were forgotten about in favor of the royal family, but if given a chance they could become one of the strongest teams in the Marvel Universe. 

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