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The Family Chantel: How Fans Expect Pedro To Bounce Back From Divorce

Pedro Jimeno has alienated himself from The Family Chantel fans after it was discovered that he filed for divorce from his wife Chantel Jimeno, but he is already showing how he will bounce back from the ordeal. Pedro and Chantel overcame many issues since appearing on 90 Day Fiancé only to be consumed by their marital problems during The Family Chantel season 4. Though many fans think that Chantel will have the last laugh long-term, Pedro is already moving on from his marriage.

Chantel and Pedro appeared to make progress in their marriage during The Family Chantel season 3 until Pedro truly realized just how corrupt his family was. After realizing that no one in his family respected marital vows, Pedro seemingly threw his marriage to Chantel out the window. Pedro’s demeanor has changed completely during The Family Chantel season 4. He started avoiding his wife and being rude and cold to her. This culminated in Chantel failing to integrate into Pedro’s professional and social life with his colleagues, which led to him requesting a marital separation on the show. However, fans know that Pedro officially filed for divorce from Chantel on May 27.

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Many viewers are angry with Pedro for leaving Chantel and believe that Pedro will come to regret his decision after being single for some time. However, Pedro appears to have no difficulty moving on at this point. Chantel was shown to be greatly affected by her marital problems on The Family Chantel, though Pedro was already checked out of the relationship. Now that Pedro is being accused of infidelity, fans are wondering which woman he has allegedly moved on with. Many viewers believe Pedro cheated with his young coworker Antonella Barrenechea, though a flirty photo has led to rumors that Pedro cheated with Antonella’s aunt and their boss, Laura Delgado. Other viewers believe Pedro’s sister Nicole Jimeno told the truth about him sleeping with her best friend Coraima Morla.

Chantel might be healing from a broken heart, but Pedro appears to have already moved on. Though he turned off his comments on Instagram due to a backlash of hate from furious viewers, he shared that he is still thriving in his real estate position at Laura Delgado Realty. Meanwhile, the fitness fanatic appears to have kept up with his workouts and does not appear to be piling on any post-separation pounds. Pedro has also shared some cryptic messages warning his fans that things are not as cut and dry as they appear. He then surprised viewers by declaring he will spill the tea on his upcoming podcast. Pedro appears to harbor some ill-will toward Chantel and does not feel responsible for their split.

Pedro is being cast into the villain role fully since splitting from Chantel on The Family Chantel. However, he appears focused on redeeming his image. Unfortunately for Pedro, this will be very difficult. Chantel alleged abuse in their marriage, while viewers have witnessed just how mean and cruel Pedro was on the show. Though Chantel is far from perfect, many fans can see how much she has grown and feel connected to her due to her raw heartbreak. In contrast, Pedro has become more immature and has shocked viewers with his coldness and lack of effort. Therefore, many The Family Chantel fans see Chantel being the one who will succeed long-term post-split.

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