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Stranger Things: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Jonathan As A Character

Netflix’s smash hit Stranger Things is about to release the last two episodes of season Four, and there is a lot of anticipation for action and twists along the way. Jonathan Byers has had less screen time this season, which is something that might change during the last two episodes, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been making hilarious memes about the Byers brother that perfectly encapture his character.

Jonathan was a crucial figure in the first few seasons, serving as Will’s older brother and mentor, and starting a romantic relationship with Nancy Wheeler. He has since moved to California and finally made a friend in Argyle, a character introduced in season Four. As a result, the internet has a lot to say about Jonathan.

Jonathan’s always been an introvert and solitary by nature, especially in the earlier seasons. Although he finally made friends with Argyle in season Four, fans still remember his reclusive nature from season One.

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A lot of viewers relate to Jonathan in this scene. His dislike for most people in Hawkins rings true for viewers who also dislike their hometown or the people in their life. Jonathan’s always been one of the more relatable characters, it seems, and this meme captures it in a perfectly hilarious yet relatable way.

Jonathan has been a central character of Stranger Things since the first episode and has a very loyal fanbase. He’s gone through a lot of character development and growth since viewers were first introduced to him, and Reddit users think he is an underrated Stranger Things character.

Because of his popularity and growth as a character, people were quick to defend him online. While Jonathan may not have superpowers like Eleven, or Steve’s sense of humor and confidence, he’s still a valuable member of the gang. As a result, fans have been channeling their inner Eleven at the skating rink to come to his aid.

Jonathan provided one of the more emotional scenes in season Two of Stranger Things, while he was trying to comfort Will after he was experiencing friendship troubles.

However, Will inadvertently delivered one of the sickest comebacks the show has ever seen. Will asks a simple question in response, which saw fans reacting to the burn. Thankfully, Jonathan has come a long way since his friendless days, but it’s still one of the funnier moments in the early seasons, thanks to Will’s innocent observation of his beloved older brother.

Perhaps due to new characters and key plot points that surround them and other main players, Jonathan has had less screen time than before this season. So it’s understandable that fans were excited to see glimpses of him in the volume 2 trailer that came out last week.

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Jonathan is seen embracing Will in an emotional hug, which brings back memories of the two in earlier seasons when they only had each other to lean on, not to mention Jonathan nearly losing his brother in the first season. It’s sure to be an emotional moment and one that fans have been waiting to see for a while.

Jonathan has had minimal screen time during this season, especially when compared to other characters who have appeared since the start. So, in a clever parody of the “missing” posters seen in season One that was made for Will after his disappearance to the Upside Down, this fan expresses their disappointment over the lack of Jonathan this season.

It is rather funny but also heartbreaking in many ways, particularly when compared to the original “missing” poster of Will. Fans are missing their favorite big brother, and fingers are crossed viewers get more content in the second volume.

One of the biggest plot holes in this season comes from the time stamp on the video of Eleven at the skating rink. It says the date is March 22nd, which according to previous seasons is Will’s birthday.

While The Duffer Brothers have since addressed this, claiming they simply forgot, it hasn’t stopped fans from feeling heartbroken for Will. Several have also pointed out that Will would have said something and called out the rest of his friends for forgetting his birthday. One of Jonathan’s best traits in Stranger Things is that he is protective of his brother and probably would have made sure Will not only had the best birthday but that his friends would not forget.

There are a lot of characters to keep track of in Stranger Things, especially this season. The characters often don’t meet until the end of the season, making for a lot of awkward introductions and first impressions.

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Jonathan is rather awkward himself and has yet to meet most of the new and returning characters this season, seeing as he’s in California with Will and Eleven. While this screenshot is from season Three, it reflects the current gang pretty well. Will and Jonathan haven’t been back to Hawkins in over a year, there are plenty of new faces who haven’t met the other Byers brother yet.

From the first season, it’s made clear by Joyce that Will and Jonathan’s father are no longer in the picture. She never clarifies why, but it seems like he wasn’t exactly a good role model or father figure.

As a result, Jonathan has had to be the man of the house since he was young. A lot of his storyline revolves around being Will’s father figure, a role that requires a lot of dedication and work. Fans have expressed their heartbreak for Jonathan, who had a less than ideal childhood, and a lot on his shoulders from a young age.

Will and Jonathan have remained one of the wholesome sibling pairings of the entire show. From the start, it’s clear that Jonathan is doing his best to be there for Will, as perhaps most notably demonstrated in his most iconic scene in Stranger Things, when he introduces Will to The Clash.

Fans haven’t seen much of the Byer brothers in season Four so far, but it looks like there are a few emotional scenes in the latter half of the season. Will and Jonathan have had some of the most heartbreaking and emotional scenes before, so it’s no surprise that there are a few in-store this season too, and the thought has fans very worked up already.

Jonathan finally made a friend this season, much to the excitement of viewers. He befriends Argyle, the local pizza delivery driver, who has quickly proven himself to be one of the best new characters in Stranger Things 4.

Argyle is a hilarious addition, and his interactions with Jonathan have provided much-needed comic relief to the rather serious season. The two of them are shown smoking a few times together, resulting in some pretty funny interactions. They might not be the first call when someone is in danger, but at least they’re having a good time.

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