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Star Wars: The 10 Best Jedi That Wield Blue Lightsabers

Major Star Wars fans may be eager to learn that Andor, the upcoming miniseries, will premiere with two episodes much like Kenobi did, though it’s going to be much different for one major reason. It isn’t going to focus on Jedi, which even makes it different from something like The Mandalorian, which features Grogu.

Every Star Wars fan loves a Jedi and what they stand for, always wanting to know more about them. That includes small details like the color of their lightsabers, which can often give viewers a deeper understanding of the Jedi themselves. Blue seems to be among the most popular lightsaber colors.

Ki-Adi-Mundi’s most notable feature is his tall head which is due to his race possessing two brains. This makes him a logical and wise Jedi.

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While Mundi has demonstrated some incredible intelligence and is a Jedi many of the other Masters look up to, he is not entirely open to most possibilities like he should be. He is doubtful of many events posed to him in the films like the return of the Sith and wasn’t open to the suggestion that Ahsoka Tano wasn’t a traitor.

Secura is a Jedi Master and the former apprentice of Quinlan Vos. Despite the many troubles her master has gotten into, it’s clear she didn’t inherit many of his mannerisms.

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She does discuss her master briefly with Ahsoka saying she had to grow out of her attachment to him. Secura is also known for her expert combat skills mixing in her nimble movements with powerful fighting stances like Forms IV and V.

Rey Skywalker is the main protagonist of the sequel trilogy and overcomes Darth Sidious in a climactic battle of the Sith vs the Jedi.

Rey grew a lot through her trilogy and edged much closer to the darkness in the Rise of Skywalker. She struggled with the blood of Palpatine in her veins but overcame it and stood up to her grandfather. In the final film, she displayed phenomenal strength, even besting Kylo Ren in combat. Her willpower alone was also a testament to her character in her greatest accomplishment in the sequel trilogy when she destroyed Sidious.

Plo Koon is one of the members of the Jedi Council and known for his kindness. While many of the Jedi may have seen the clones as nothing more than droids, Koon did not and believed that each of them was important and unique. He is not the only Jedi who believes this, but he is one of the early examples.

Koon is also well-known for discovering Ahsoka Tano. He has always been relatively well-known for easily following the Jedi code and being able to distinctly tell what was wrong vs what was right, something inherited from his race.

Shaaki Ti often acted in what she saw as right even if it contradicted what she was ordered to do by the rest of the Jedi Council. She is an incredibly compassionate and powerful Jedi.

Ti never displayed an uproar attitude toward events like many of the other Jedi did and usually remained relatively quiet. This isn’t due to her not having an opinion or being meek, rather it’s a representation of her overall calmness and patience. Despite her remarkable power in the Force and skill with a lightsaber, she was inevitably murdered by Vader.

Anakin Skywalker is seen as the failure of the Jedi, but despite this, he always kept the good in him and chose it instead of evil in the end, bringing balance back to the Force. Despite Anakin’s many flaws, he has proven time and time again that he was a caring and generous man.

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He served well as a leader in the Clone Wars and has an excellent master to Ahsoka. He also displayed extraordinary swordsmanship and strength in the Force. But while he did grow even stronger with the Dark Side, his blindness to its corruption and his overconfidence in himself kept him from defeating Obi-Wan.

Cal Kestis is the main protagonist of the video game Jedi: Fallen Order and its upcoming sequel, Jedi: Survivor. Despite never appearing in live-action he is still one of the best characters in the franchise.

Cal has undergone much already, struggling all of these years to keep his connection to the Force a secret until he was forced otherwise. Throughout the first game, he endures many trials that put him to the test, but in the end, he grew and is steadily becoming a Jedi worthy to lead the next Jedi Order. He has already displayed himself as one of the most intriguing Jedi and has more to show fans.

Kanan Jarrus, born Caleb Dume, is one of the main protagonists of Star Wars: Rebels and the master of Ezra Bridger. Kanan’s arc in Rebels is arguably the best out of any character in the series and causes him to grow exponentially as a Jedi.

Not only was he able to beat the likes of the Grand Inquisitor in saber combat in one of the best Rebels episodes, but he was also able to reach a higher state of self after losing his eyesight to Maul. This ended up being a blessing in disguise that allowed Kanan to see far more than he had with his actual eyes.

Obi-Wan Kenobi in many peoples’ minds is the ideal Jedi. He definitely went through hardship and strife, but in the end, remained true.

Many fans were in love with his spiraling journey in the latest Star Wars miniseries that saw him face to face once again with his previous apprentice, Anakin Skywalker–now Darth Vader. From his first appearance to his last, Obi-Wan has always wielded a blue lightsaber. He will always be one of the fan’s favorite characters and one of the best movie characters of all time.

Luke’s trials as a Jedi began the moment he picked up his father’s blue lightsaber, making it poetic that this should be the lightsaber he dies with.

While many fans may have been confused as to why Luke didn’t wield his green lightsaber in his duel against Kylo Ren it seems to be just one of the many hints that foreshadow that Luke isn’t in fact there in person. More than this, it is the lightsaber of his father that he conjured as his weapon, something that he rejected at the beginning of the film. This is a beautiful decision on the director’s part that helps symbolize the progression Luke has undergone.

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