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Star Wars Suggests Jedi Holocrons Came From The Sith

Star Wars has hinted the Jedi’s holocrons were first invented by the Sith. Knowledge is precious, and it is so easily lost. The first Jedi stored their secrets in sacred texts, many of which predated the schism between the Jedi and the Sith. Luke Skywalker recovered some of these during his quest to restore the Jedi and passed them on to Rey.

However, there was another way for Force-users to store information. Both Jedi and Sith possessed the ability to create holocrons, sophisticated repositories of information that can only be accessed through the Force. Every holocron was unique, based on the teachings contained inside it, and some appeared to contain more than mere information. Some actually held a portion of their creator’s spirits. This made Sith holocrons very dangerous, indeed.

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Adam Christopher’s novel Shadow of the Sith appears to hint the holocrons were originally invented by the Sith and may have been based on the ancient Sith wayfinders seen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. When studying the wayfinders, Luke noted striking similarities between them and the Sith holocrons. “If the holocron was a multipurpose data store,” he reflected, “it seemed logical that it had evolved from the wayfinder, the product of a more primitive, but no less powerful, Sith technology.” While the connection is only theoretical, the argument is a logical one. Luke failed to follow it to its ultimate conclusion, however; that the Sith developed first wayfinders and then holocrons and that the Jedi must have imitated the holocron technology.

The Sith are naturally secretive, and it makes sense that they would want to hide their knowledge from their Jedi, thus seeking to create technologies that could restrict knowledge only to dark side practitioners. It, therefore, makes sense for the Sith to have developed artifacts such as the first holocrons, mainly because, at first, their rivals, the Jedi, would not have recognized them as information storage devices in the first place. Presumably, some Sith explored the idea of using the holocrons to evade death, explaining why some became repositories for Sith spirits. The Jedi must have decided to use the same technology, figuring out how to create holocrons that could only be used by the light side of the Force. Naturally, they would not be afraid of death, meaning they wouldn’t be trying to preserve parts of their spirits within the holocrons.

This raises an interesting question about the development of Sith and Jedi technology. In the real world, technological advancement is often tied to periods of conflict, and the defeat of the Sith at the time of Darth Bane, which brought an end to galactic war as far as the Jedi were concerned and may well have marked the end of a time of innovation for the Jedi. That would explain why the Jedi don’t seem to have advanced much in terms of Force technology over the millennia between Bane’s fall and the main Star Wars saga.

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