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Star Wars: KOTOR 2 Switch Patch Finally Lets Players Beat The Game

A game-breaking Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 bug that stopped players from beating the game on Nintendo Switch has finally been patched. The sci-fi RPG serves as a follow-up to the first KOTOR, bringing players on a brand-new quest across the galaxy to gather the last surviving Jedi in an effort to oppose the Sith. Star Wars: KOTOR 2 released on Nintendo Switch last month, but players sadly found themselves unable to actually beat the port due to a game-breaking bug.

Like its predecessor, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 is a real-time RPG where players can assemble a squad of loyal companions, learn the ways of the Force and explore a galaxy far, far away. While combat is largely the same as the first game, KOTOR 2 innovates by adding new companions to recruit, exotic new planets to discover and a roster of deadly Sith to defeat. While the game’s release on Nintendo Switch was highly anticipated, the port’s launch was soured by a consistent bug that made players unable to progress past the first half of the story. The KOTOR 2 Nintendo Switch bug made the game crash whenever players visited Onderon and triggered the “Basilisk Crash” cutscene, but this issue has apparently been fixed.

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According to Aspyr, the developer of the Star Wars: KOTOR 2 Nintendo Switch port, the game-breaking Onderon crash glitch has now been fixed. This means that players can safely travel to the lush jungle world and activate the “Basilisk Crash” cutscene without crashing the game. This, in turn, means that Nintendo Switch players can finally beat the game without hitting a wall half-way through the experience. Aspyr’s hotfix also addresses other less notable issues, like crashes that trigger on Dantooine and Korriban alongside a loading screen loop glitch.

Nintendo Switch users can now play through Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 without worrying about the “Basilisk Crash” crash, and a PS5 remake of KOTOR will soon let players experience a modern revision of the original game. While little is known about the upcoming remake, it is expected to remain true to the original game’s vision while adjusting its gameplay and story for a new generation. The game’s resident Sith Lord Darth Revan has become a beloved Star Wars staple, and fans are no doubt eager to see the masked figure brought to life with PlayStation 5 hardware.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 is a beloved entry in the sci-fi saga that introduced a number of memorable planets and powerful Sith Lords. While most Nintendo Switch players have sadly been unable to actually beat the game, Aspyr’s patch finally makes it possible to progress past the Basilisk Crash. Those playing KOTOR 2 on Nintendo Switch can now safely travel to Onderon and experience the rest of the sci-fi epic.

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