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Southern Charm: Why Fans Are Turning On Chleb Ravenell

Chleb Ravenell gained a fan following when he first appeared in Southern Charm season 8 as Kathryn Dennis’ boyfriend. Although fans knew the couple was dating prior to the new season, many didn’t know much about the handsome man who stole Kathyrn’s heart. The Southern Charm belle started dating Chleb in July 2020, just months after she tweeted a racially offensive emoji to a Black radio host. Many thought Kathyrn dating Chleb was a strategic move to salvage her public image, but it seemed the two were much more than a casual fling.

Early on in Southern Charm season 8, fans watched as Kathryn got ready for her birthday party and surprised Chleb with a tie. However, things went south between them when Kathryn caught him talking to Venita Aspen and accused him of not having her back. Southern Charm fans thought Kathryn was up to her old dramatic antics and felt for Chleb, especially as he remained calm while she berated him.

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In the latest episode of Southern Charm, the fans’ sentiment quickly changed when they saw a different side to Chleb. During Olivia Flowers’ party, Kathryn and Chleb arrived together, and she confessed that they were back together. However, Chleb didn’t seem too thrilled at the reunion and spilled to Naomie Olindo that he wasn’t happy with Kathryn’s “drama” and that he would “tune her out.” Naomie tried to be a sympathetic ear, but Chleb turned the tables and told Kathryn that Naomie was trying to sabotage their relationship. Reddit user u/silverfoxboston wrote, “Are we not going to talk about Chleb completely trash talking his GF to another girl?”

When Chleb made his way back to Kathryn, Southern Charm cameras caught him saying, “Naomie is a c***.” Reddit user moonchild291 wrote, “He showed his true colors with that one!” Many Southern Charm fans admitted to being fooled by his “nice guy” act at first but wondered if he and Kathryn were just using each other. Viewers pointed out that the two had no chemistry and seemed to be together just for appearances.

Many Southern Charm fans have slammed Kathryn for being problematic on the show, but viewers are now rooting for her after seeing Chleb’s manipulative side. Since Southern Charm season 1, Kathryn had few allies on her side, due to her roller-coaster relationship with Thomas Ravenel. The few women who had Kathryn’s back, such as Danni Baird, backed off when Kathryn seemed unappreciative of their friendship. Southern Charm fans thought Kathryn finally had Chleb in her corner, but he proved them wrong when he shaded his own girlfriend to her nemesis.

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