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For fans of the shooting video game genre, there are a lot of releases within the year to look forward to including Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in the fall and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart Of Chernobyl, which is slated to come out this December. There’s an interesting idea to hold you off until those releases though.

One game that encompasses many shooter games, along with all other kinds of genres, is Roblox, where players can design their own games for the community to play. Many talented creators have made all kinds of excellent shooter games on the platform that definitely deserve a play-through from first-person shooter fans.

With six game modes to choose from, Energy Assault is a fun shooter game that blends a lot of reliable game modes and formulas from other similar games to create one enjoyable shooter. There are a total of 36 weapons for players to collect, missions to complete to earn credits, and even badges for players to earn.

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One of the many factors that make Energy Assault one of the best shooting games on the Roblox platform is all the content. Between the multiple modes, weapons, and many badges and missions, it’s hard to grow tired of the amount of content the creators placed within the game.

When capture the flag meets an all-out war, that’s when Polybattle is created. Players must capture flags set around the battlefield in order to gain points for their team. Points can be used to gain ammunition, defense turrets, and even vehicles to be used as advantages over the opposing team.

Polybattle provides players with seven different classes in order to fit the customization experience, along with a large variety of weapons and equipment per class. This, along with the many game modes and additional items like vehicles, make Polybattle a standout in the shooting game category.

War Simulator allows players to join any era, both in all of history and in the future, that they desire and become the top soldier in that time. Players can earn money by defeating enemies and use that money to either earn weapons, armor, or unlock new, tougher eras to conquer.

Not only is War Simulator one of the best shooter games, but it also deserves to be called one of Roblox’s best simulation games. History fans will enjoy seeing representations of classic wars including the American Revolution, Greek Wars, and the World Wars. That’s not to mention that the game is very easy to play for all gamers and hard to leave.

Set in a scenario where World War 3 is a reality, Call Of Roblox, which pays obvious homage to one of the best shooter games of all time, pits communist forces against the United States. The game also features a zombies mode and a tribute to the immortal battle of D-Day.

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Call of Roblox is a clear passion project dedicated to the United States military, but beyond the patriotism is an intriguing game that shooter fans will love. The game has a very simple overlay and set of modes and features, but it is a perfect example of a shooting game that does not need fancy features to succeed, keeping all the core functions of a shooter right in the gameplay.

Arsenal is one of the most unique shooter games of all time, the same can be said about it being one of the best fighting games on Roblox of all time. The component that makes Arsenal so unique is the fact that each kill a player earns cycles what weapon they use, causing players to adapt after each kill.

The unique feature of cycling weapons out after each kill gives a breath of fresh air in terms of gameplay for shooter games of all platforms. Arsenal also has the players competing to collect 32 kills in order to win a round, which is also a unique contribution to the shooter game community by making such an oddly specific number as the goal.

Many great shooter games contain a zombie mode, and Zombie Uprising has prided itself on this fact. The goal of the game is simple: players must survive as many hordes of the undead for as long as they can. Players have access to many weapons in order to help increase their odds of making it out alive.

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There may be many zombie modes in shooter games, but Zombie Uprising truly embraces the cliche and provides a fresh take on it. The use of many unique maps and zombie foes gives the players even more to enjoy, and the strategies posed within the game all provide players with a good time.

Phantom Forces is an elite fighting game on Roblox and was even named one of Reddit’s favorite Roblox games. In this PVP shooter, teams must unite and strategize to take down other teams and rule the leaderboard, earning new weapons from the shop online along the way.

Much of the success of the game is due to how fluid the tactical gameplay is, despite being a game within a game. It is very reminiscent in style to a Call Of Duty game, which is yet another reason to enjoy this game, and high praise for the creator, StyLiS Studios.

Counter Blox is the perfect game for any player wanting to get involved in 5-on-5 gun-slinging action. By playing objectives and eliminating enemies, players can earn money for sweet weapons, gears, and grenades that will aid them in each new round.

Despite its simple formula and lack of flashy style and game modes, Counter Blox stays true to the shooter game style and is perfect for fans who prefer the more traditional and original games within the genre. The straightforward gameplay is pleasing to all kinds of crowds and proves that old school games can be equal to new school opposites.

One of the greatest community created games there are, a beloved and newer Roblox evolution, Bad Business is an elite game on the platform overall. With nine game modes, plenty of weapons, and a multitude of player customization options, Bad Business is one of the most diverse and immersive games out there.

It is this diversity and many customization options that help support Bad Business towards the top of the Roblox shooter game chain. The mechanics and gameplay are also very simple, so veteran gamers of the genre, along with newbies, can adjust well to the simple style and flourish in the setting.

The undisputed king of Roblox shooter games, BIG Paintball provides a fun twist that only very few shooter games use: using paint instead of bullets. With 43 weapons, three game modes, over 10 maps, and eight abilities, the game’s creators have supplied their fans with a plethora of fun content.

It’s no surprise that BIG Paintball is so beloved, with over 1 million likes on their game page, the support is clearly vocal for this first-person shooter. The brightly colored world, unique weapons, and exciting gameplay all unite to combine one of the most thrilling paintball experiences in a virtual world, and one of the best overall games on Roblox, let alone the shooter genre.

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