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RHOBH: Lisa Rinna Gets Obliterated By RHODubai Cast On Twitter

Lisa Rinna was obliterated on Twitter after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star ignited a feud with The Real Housewives of Dubai cast. Lisa has kept her name hot through feuding with people on social media in recent weeks. She was recently accused of using a young man to stage a feud with Kathy Hilton. Lisa was also accused of trying to redeem herself after revealing the personal apology she sent to Denise Richards last year.

The veteran housewife is one of the more vocal RHOBH cast members who often finds herself facing backlash for her online antics. Lisa recently took to Twitter to respond to criticism she feels the predominantly white cast receives anytime one of them quarrels with the show’s only Black full-time housewife, Garcelle Beauvais. “If we fight with Garcelle all of a sudden we are called racist,” Lisa wrote in an Instagram Story post. The former soap star said she refuses to accept that label and will continue to express herself how she sees fit.

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But elsewhere in her rant captured by The Peach Report, Lisa told the angry “ho*s” who are “triggered” by RHOBH and a lot of you pu**ies are,” she added, to “go watch Dubai.” The shady quip came off as a microaggression to male onlookers who felt like Lisa was downplaying criticisms of racism by telling Housewives fans to go watch a franchise that includes more women of color. But the RHODubai cast didn’t need the fans to come to their defense because the ladies wasted no time responding to Rinna with their own shady clap backs. “Rinna Africa called and they want their lips back,” Chanel Ayan tweeted. She warned Lisa to “keep Dubai out of your mess and your mouth.”

Lesa Milan followed up with a tweet threatening to “drag” Lisa from “the doctor’s table to the desert.” Caroline Brooks questioned exactly what Lisa meant when she encouraged fans to watch the Dubai franchise amid her rant about racism. In a post to Caroline’s Instagram Story captured by Queens of Bravo, she told Lisa to focus on her storyline “because you’re not that interesting.” Caroline noted the “rotating door” that many think points to Lisa’s potential removal from the show she’s starred on since Season 5. “Your time is almost up,” Caroline quipped. “You’re boring and rude.” She also suggested Lisa picked at the Dubai cast because she knows the Atlanta or Potomac casts would “verbally annihilate” her.

Lisa attempted to clap back in separate posts by seemingly encouraging her followers to watch the newest housewives franchise. But the damage had already been done. It’s Lisa’s latest encounter that has rubbed fans the wrong way. With another cast being involved this time around, Lisa has managed to gain new enemies that should be her peers. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star continues to receive more backlash than fanfare as more fans demand her removal from the show. Lisa is accused of interjecting herself into other people’s drama while avoiding having her own personal issues covered on the show. If Lisa was hoping social media feuds would help garner her new fans, she had another thing coming.

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Source: The Peach ReportQueens of Bravo

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