Reasons youths should stop co-habiting

The act of living together and having a sexual relationship without being married, known as cohabiting has become a norm in our society today. This is mostly prevalent amongst youths who move in with their lover before they are officially married.  

The act of cohabiting is unacceptable especially in an African society and the disadvantages of this act for both parties are numerous ranging from disrespect to parents, increase in immorality,  lose of dignity especially to the lady involved and much more. 

Discussed in this article are reasons youths should stop cohabiting.  

 1. It is unacceptable culturally and religiously  

As Africans, it is unacceptable for unmarried individuals to cohabit . This is an act that is culturally and religiously unacceptable because marriage is held in high esteem in the African society and a lady’s wedding day is a day of great honour for her parents.  

The reason for the influx of this act is as a result of western civilisation into the African society. But instead of allowing their culture into our society we should rather uphold and preserve our culture especially that of not cohabiting.  

2. It gives unrestricted access  

Cohabiting gives both parties involved unrestricted access to each other. 

 This access ranges from physical, social, sexual,  emotional,  financial and psychological. Living with a person who hasn’t sought your hand in marriage or a lady you have not paid her bride price will disrupt your privacy as an individual.  

As a single in a relationship, you should have your privacy and you’re only expected to give an unrestricted access to your partner after marriage and not before.  

3. It is a source of distraction  

 Cohabiting especially for undergraduates is a great source of distraction. Youths who are still in tertiary institutions are at a great risk of getting distracted from their goals and personal aspirations.  

When youths are cohabiting, they tend to become unserious and distracted because their focus is divided.

4. Cohabiting history hinders potential suitors 

The fact that you are cohabiting doesn’t guarantee that the relationship will lead to marriage. And in cases where the relationship doesn’t work out as planned, the parties involved especially the female will be greatly affected.  

Having  a cohabiting history as a lady can be an automatic turn off for potential suitors because they wouldn’t know all that has happened between you and your ex and this may lead to distrust. 

5. It can affect your relationship with others  

Youths who cohabit are likely to experience strain with their friends especially those of the opposite sex. When you cohabit, your friends or close relations might feel the need to stay away in order not to go overboard or cross the line . 

Some might also stay away especially when they do not have a good relationship with your cohabiting partner.  

6. It is disrespectful to your parents  

Youths who cohabit not only bring disrespect to themselves but to their parents as well. This is mostly applicable to the lady. 

Moving in with a guy who has not fulfilled the necessary customary demands  on you is a great disrespect to your parents.  

If you are indeed well cultured as a lady, it is best you wait till you are married before moving in with your partner.  

7. You risk a jail sentence in case of the death of your partner  

Cohabiting youths risk a jail sentence in case of the death of one of the partners or if one of  the partners is found guilty of a criminal act.  

Life happens and no one is certain about the life span of their partner, so, cohabiting as a youth is putting yourself in great risk.  

The disadvantages of cohabiting outweighs the advantages and regardless of how it has become a norm in the western society, it will always be unacceptable to us in the African society.  

Cohabiting for youths can be likened to placing the cart before the horse and this will never work out in the long run.  


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