Pope Francis expresses ‘deep shame’ in Canada, warns of new ‘cancel culture’ 

Jihad See has taken the woke pope to task on many issues. For instance, he views opposition to irresponsible mass migration as a kind of sin; he collaborates closely with jihadi Mahmoud Abbas, and he has for good reason been dubbed by Jihad See as the Pope of Islam. It comes as a surprise now to hear the pope criticize the essence of what Justin Trudeau, the infamous poster boy of globalism and a favorite of Klaus Straub of the World Economic Forum, represents. According to Catholic News Agency, Pope Francis “expresses ‘deep shame’ in Canada, warns of new ‘cancel culture’.” The Pope was referring to two points: first, to shame over what he referenced as the historic “colonialist” mentality involved in native residential school abuses; then he claims that the same mentality is now stifling diversity of opinion.

The pope’s first point is based on shaky premises at best. The New York Post gained international attention with a story entitled: ‘Biggest fake news story in Canada’: Kamloops mass grave debunked by academics. See also Terry Glavin’s report in the National Post: The year of the graves: How the world’s media got it wrong on residential school graves. Glavin points out:

This is not to dispute the proposition that the residential school system’s policy amounted to cultural genocide, at least in its foundational years, or to disregard the brutal sexual, emotional and psychological abuse inflicted on the institutions’ inmates.

Trudeau seized the opportunity to incite rage, division and blanket hatred for Canada’s history, as usual ignoring any positive foundations and the evolutions in human rights that have been made in Canada. Trudeau put on a pain and grief performance that only Hollywood could match. In so doing, he stirred up global rage before the truth was uncovered.

To a starkly divisive prime minister who often proclaims that “diversity is our strength,” the Pope’s words of Canada’s historic “shame” as being now continued via its “progressive” cancel culture are nothing short of a public dressing-down of a leader who shuts down any opinion he doesn’t agree with and even punishes and oppresses any dissent. Blackface Trudeau epitomizes the kind of colonial mentality that the pope specifically referenced. Breitbart reported:

Humanity’s dark history of colonization is unfortunately not ended, Pope Francis said Wednesday, because it lives on in the ideological colonization of “cancel culture.” The history of pain and contempt accompanying a colonizing mentality “is not easily healed ….. and this colonization “does not stop, but in many places is transformed, disguised, and concealed.”

The cancel culture mentality the pope addresses is primarily propagated in Western societies today by Islamic supremacists and woke Leftists, who are actually Marxists, deceitfully parading their totalitarian tendencies as “kindness,” “humanitarianism,” “social justice” and “anti-racism.” I myself was fired as a Governor in Council Appointee to the Canadian Race Relations Foundation for criticizing the widespread oppression, human rights abuses and murder committed in the name of Islam.

The pope also often exonerates Islamic supremacists.

Trudeau’s disgraceful leadership is now so widely recognized that an anti-Trudeau kids book topped Amazon’s best seller list: How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom.

Leading the Freedom Convoy was Tamara Lich, who is of native descent and who was savaged and jailed for her support for freedom. Then there was Trudeau’s shabby treatment of Canada’s first indigenous Minister of Justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould (Jihad See reported about the story HERE). It was so appalling that the leftist Globe and Mail ran the commentary: “Trudeau deserved Jody Wilson-Raybould’s revenge.” Trudeau’s public act of celebrating natives and feminism is a political performance. He’ll only supports those natives who prop him up and agree with him.

The pope also stated of the cancel culture mentality, to which Trudeau ascribes, that it imposed certain predetermined cultural models…yet today, too, there are any number of forms of ideological colonization that clash with the reality of life, stifle the natural attachment of peoples to their values, and attempt to uproot their traditions, history, and religious ties.

Today, Judeo-Christian values and ethics are being steadily suppressed and canceled out by Trudeau and other radical “progressives.” As far back as five years ago, LifeSite News published “a quick list of Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical acts against life, family, and Christians.”

Trudeau has become much worse and according to Jordan Peterson, the worst is yet to come.

“Pope Francis expresses ‘deep shame’ in Canada, warns of new ‘cancel culture,’” by Katie Yoder, Catholic News Agency, July 27, 2022:

Pope Francis asked for forgiveness for the harm done to indigenous Canadians by Catholics in a Wednesday address before top government officials and representatives of the indigenous peoples in Canada.

“I express my deep shame and sorrow, and, together with the bishops of this country, I renew my request for forgiveness for the wrong done by so many Christians to the indigenous peoples,” the 85-year-old pontiff said, citing the Catholic Church’s role in running many of the country’s government-sponsored residential schools for indigenous children.

These residential schools, in place until the late 1990s, worked to stamp out aspects of native culture, language, and religious practice. Former students have described mistreatment and even abuse at the schools.

Pope Francis condemned the “deplorable system” that “separated many children from their families” in an address before Canada’s governor general, Mary Simon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, civil and religious authorities, representatives of the indigenous peoples, and members of the diplomatic corps in Québec.

During what he has called a “penitential pilgrimage” in Canada, Pope Francis has publicly apologized for the harm done to indigenous Canadians and has repeatedly expressed his shame and sorrow.

“The Christian faith has played an essential role in shaping the highest ideals of Canada, characterized by the desire to build a better country for all its people,” he said Wednesday. “At the same time, it is necessary, in admitting our faults, to work together to accomplish a goal that I know all of you share: to promote the legitimate rights of the native populations and to favor processes of healing and reconciliation between them and the nonindigenous people of the country.”

After meeting with representatives of the indigenous peoples in Rome and, now, in Canada, Pope Francis looked to the future.

“The time we spent together made an impression on me and left a firm desire to respond to the indignation and shame for the sufferings endured by the indigenous peoples,” he said, “and to move forward on a fraternal and patient journey with all Canadians, in accordance with truth and justice, working for healing and reconciliation, and constantly inspired by hope.”

He cautioned against forms of colonization, particularly “ideological colonization,” that he said is practiced today.

“In the past, the colonialist mentality disregarded the concrete life of people and imposed certain predetermined cultural models,” he said, “yet today, too, there are any number of forms of ideological colonization that clash with the reality of life, stifle the natural attachment of peoples to their values, and attempt to uproot their traditions, history, and religious ties.”

He tied this kind of colonization to what he called “cancel culture.”

“This mentality, presumptuously thinking that the dark pages of history have been left behind, becomes open to the ‘cancel culture’ that would judge the past purely on the basis of certain contemporary categories,” he said. “The result is a cultural fashion that levels everything out, makes everything equal, proves intolerant of differences, and concentrates on the present moment, on the needs and rights of individuals, while frequently neglecting their duties with regard to the most weak and vulnerable of our brothers and sisters.”…….

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