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Only Murders In The Building: 10 Season 2 Suspects, Ranked By Likability

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Only Murders in the Building

The second season of Only Murders in the Building picks up where the first left off: Bunny’s mysterious murder. While Mabel, and by association Charles and Oliver, are seen being interrogated in the opening few moments, the remainder of the first two episodes introduces an entire roster of possible murderers.

From the new love interest to familiar and annoying neighbors in the Arconia, the second season has given fans another wide selection of suspects to cast their suspicions onto. The following episodes will likely add more names to the trio’s murder board for viewers to follow and analyze. But, which current suspects do fans want to see more of?

Uma Heller was introduced in the first season as one of the Arconia’s residents and a supposed good friend to Bunny. Along with many of their other neighbors, Uma was one of the people who wanted and even vouched for the podcasting trio to be evicted and was portrayed as a very overbearing, biased, and loud neighbor.

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The second season saw Uma breaking into Bunny’s apartment to locate her million-dollar painting far too soon after Bunny’s murder. While the likelihood of Uma being the murderer seems slim so far, she is a current suspect and is easily the least likable of the bunch.

Season 1 saw the trio investigating Howard Morris as a prime suspect in Tim Kono’s murder. However, they soon find out that Howard is simply a cat-loving man who may be a bit creepy, but was definitely not the murderer. Howard, like Uma, did not take kindly to their antics and was also hoping for their eviction.

Besides joining Uma in her quest to find Bunny’s painting, Howard also raises suspicion with his declared admiration of the Only Murder in the Building podcast in the second season. His bruised eye was another suspicion addition, and fans will have to see if his story behind it truly does add up.

It appears that Amy Schumer is guest-starring as Amy Schumer in the second season of the murder mystery. Right from the beginning, viewers can tell Amy is not a trustworthy character, as she first plays off her initial interaction with Oliver before exposing that she intended to buy off their podcast the entire time.

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Her embodiment and apparent idolizing of Jan – season 1’s revealed killer – is also another huge red flag, even if she dismisses it as simply wanting to play her role well. Her character’s novelty and absurdity are what both make her a suspect and rank her lower on the likeability scale.

The OliMabel (“the Charles is silent”) crew solved two murders and subsequently produced an incredible podcast in season 1, amassing wide popularity and fans. However, not everyone appreciated their work, especially rival true-crime podcaster, Cinda Canning.

Cinda has already been established as a cutthroat, intimidating, and fame-chasing person in season 1. Now, season 2 sees her trying her best to incriminate the trio for Bunny’s murder as a tactic to reclaim her self-proclaimed title as the better creator. Her rivalry and ruthless behavior make her a worthy suspect with a decent motive as well.

Bunny was the Arconia’s board president, so naturally, her death meant another would be appointed to take her position. Enter Nina Lin, Bunny’s successor who is introduced in the second episode. Her quick rise to the role is highly suspicious, especially paired with Howard’s comments on her demeanor.

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While Howard himself is likely an unreliable judge of character, Nina’s immediate appointment does establish a motive for killing Bunny. However, fans will have to wait for the protagonists’ future interactions with her to determine whether or not she’s a continuing and lovable suspect.

Ursula was a huge asset to the crime-solving trio in the first season, and one of the funniest characters. The building manager lent her services and help to Mabel, Charles, and Oliver a handful of times, albeit at the price of large supplies of Gut Milk. However, that doesn’t mean she’ll embody the same role this season.

That’s especially true since she makes it known that others are willing to buy tons of Gut Milk to get the dirt on Mabel, Charles, and Oliver, and she is likely not above selling off that information. Not to mention that brief but shady scene where she is seen discretely disposing of items as Mabel and Oliver try to hide the Savage painting.

The Arconia’s doorman seems kindhearted and helpful enough, but he can be a bit oblivious to the circumstances around him – such as Oliver’s annoyance at him bringing up the good cart. Despite his high likability, the probability of him being Bunny’s murderer is low so far.

However, the trailer for Season 2 very prominently featured him on the trio’s murder board, meaning he will probably play an important role later on. Considering his easy access to the building and all its resources, it wouldn’t be that difficult for him to either be Bunny’s murderer or an accomplice. Plus, given the show’s twists and tendency to switch things up – like the many other murder mystery genre rules it breaks – sweet Lester could easily be the culprit.

Amongst many other guest actors confirmed for season 2 is Shirley MacLaine, who plays Bunny’s mother, Leonara Floger. Leonara immediately vindicates Mabel, Charles, and Oliver in front of the others at Bunny’s memorial, stating they are not her murderers. She has a very affluent and poised demeanor, along with a mysterious past intertwined with the Arconia’s.

She seems more interested in reclaiming her painting than mourning her recently killed daughter, and her sudden and peculiar entrance makes her a prime suspect in Bunny’s stabbing. But her posh character and quick liking for Charles and the others make her one of the more interesting and easily likable residents. Plus, that cheese-eating scene was far too relatable to have audiences hate her.

Cara Delevingne’s Alice is introduced as a fellow artist who has a very keen – too keen, perhaps – interest in Mabel. Quickly sliding into the beloved character’s DMs, Alice expresses admiration for Mabel’s art and perseverance, motivating her to use her talent and notorious fame to embrace her potential.  It seems Alice will serve as Mabel’s love interest for this season, especially considering their abrupt but nonetheless sweet kiss in the second episode.

Yet there is still something mysterious about Alice and her clear infatuation with Mabel and her life. The lover-turns-out-to-be-the-killer trope was already executed in season 1, so it’ll be interesting to see whether that route is avoided this time or if Alice’s betrayal will join the list of saddest things about Mabel’s life.

Although the probability of her having murdered Bunny is low, there are quite a few pieces of evidence that point toward Mabel possibly being Bunny’s murderer – starting with her quote from the first episode about killing with a knitting needle. Mabel’s story about Bunny’s death also keeps evolving as she shares new details, however, she never has to constantly insist she’s innocent because to the others – including Detective Williams – that fact is a given.

This assumed innocence amongst her friends, along with the shock factor of one of the main three being the murderer, would make her the perfect choice for the crime. And as far as the likability of the suspects so far goes, Mabel – one of the core trio – undoubtedly ranks the highest.

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