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One Piece's Luffy is Close to a Weapon That Could Change Everything

Warning! Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1053 ahead!

As Kaido’s home base, Wano Country was always one of the most important locations in the One Piece world for Luffy and anyone else with dreams of becoming the Pirate King. However, Wano Country’s importance was always much more than simply being the home to an Emperor of the Sea. Luffy is in the perfect position to take advantage of Wano’s benefits if he can just realize the benefits that are his for the taking.

Despite its isolation, for hundreds of years Wano Country has played a major role in world affairs. As one of the key islands on the way to Laugh Tale, it has naturally attracted the attention of every pirate and would-be pirate with dreams of grandeur. Additionally, as the land where poneglyphs were created, it will forever remain important to the history of the world. But in regards to Luffy, its importance lies in its expertise in war-making. Like Sparta of Ancient Greece, Wano Country is known for the warriors it produces, like Kozuki Oden. Additionally, Wano Country is also known for the quality of its weapons, which are highly sought after.

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One much sought-after super-weapon that was revealed in One Piece Chapter 1053 to presently be located in Wano Country is Pluton. Pluton is an ancient warship of mass destruction, whose power is rivaled only by the mermaid Poseidean and the super-secret weapon known as Uranus. All three weapons have the ability to destroy almost anything in existence, including one another. Pluton and the other weapons soon disappeared from the public eye after the events of the Void Century saga. The existence and location of Pluton, however, were recorded in the poneglyphs. As a result, one of the reasons that the World Government has banned people from having the ability to read poneglyphs is to stop the discovery of Pluton and the other great weapons.

With confirmation that Pluton is located in Wano Country, Luffy has the opportunity to gain access to a weapon that will change the balance of power in the world as it relates to the pirate community and also in terms of being able to render the World Government meaningless. The discovery of Pluton on its own would be a major boost to Luffy’s power. But combined with his Gear Five abilities, the Straw Hat Pirates would be invincible.

The key issue, however, is whether Luffy will be able to find Pluton, and gain possession of it before leaving Wano Country. Presently, the only Straw Hat Pirate who knows Pluton’s location is Nico Robin. With the others enjoying the defeat of Kaido and the return of Momonsuke, as well as the arrival of Green Bull, there is no guarantee that Luffy will be able to get his hands on Pluton and change the fate of the One Piece world before it’s too late.

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