Nollywood portrays Africa negatively — Actor

An actor and model, Afeez Savage, aka African God, is of the opinion that Nollywood movies portray African in a negative light.

Savage, who is based in Los Angeles, United States of America, told Saturday Beats, “I have observed that Nollywood portrays the African culture in a negative light. Some Nollywood movies have made a joke of the uniqueness of Nigerian culture and that is why many young Nigerians are not proud of their identity and roots. Some hate their backgrounds, culture and traditions because of what they have seen in Nollywood movies.

“I believe this has played a major role in the loss of our identity as Africans. I hope that in the future, the movie industry will make more efforts to change this and tell positive stories about us.”

Reeling out his current projects, Savage said, “Right now, I have about seven scripts from different producers, and I am still looking through them to decide the ones I will accept because it is not every role ‘thrown’ at me that I take.

“I also have a clothing line called African God Cultures. I will be launching it with the aim of spreading the beautiful African clothing culture to the rest of the world. For a long time, Africans have copied the western culture. I intend to use my clothing line to spread the beauty of the African culture.”

Speaking about his experience acting in the movie, ‘Gunrege’, the entertainer, who represented Nigeria at the World Championship for Performing Arts and won both gold and silver medals, said, “My acting debut in the movie ‘Gunrege’ started after I had a funny conversation with a friend, who is also a script writer. She said I had an interesting personality and would make a great actor. I thought it was a joke only for her to tell me two months later that she had a script for me. I am a very determined person and when she sent me the script, I took on the challenge and went on the set of the movie. When the movie was released, the reviews were really good.”

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