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Nightwing & Batgirl Are Taking A Major Step In Their DC Romance

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Nightwing #93

While DC Comics has gone back and forth about Nightwing’s true love, it looks as though Batgirl is becoming Dick Grayson’s definitive love interest over the Teen Titans’ Starfire, especially after the latest issue of Nightwing where the two Bat-vigilantes took a major step in their relationship. Because Barbara Gordon has been with Dick every step of the way in his latest run, it was only a matter of time before feelings would reemerge between the two heroes. Now, Dick Grayson has opened up in a way he didn’t quite prepare for (but is very exciting all the same).

In previous issues of Nightwing from Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, Dick Grayson has been reshaping the city of Blüdhaven using the huge amount of money Nightwing inherited from Alfred Pennyworth. Creating new foundations and infrastructure to help those who need help the most, Dick Grayson is saving his city with his mask off just as much as he has it on. To that end, Barbara Gordon has been helping Dick both as Oracle and Batgirl, serving as his eyes and ears while being his constant ally. However, it seems as though Dick and Babs may finally be ready to reignite their romance once more.

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While there had been plenty of threats to keep Dick and Barbara busy from clearly defining their current relationship, Grayson accidentally jumps the gun in the new Nightwing #93. In response to Barbara exposing major police corruption in Blüdhaven (with proof), Nightwing surprisingly tells Batgirl that he loves her. As one can imagine, a sentiment like that carries some major weight given their history combined with what had been an ambiguous present status.

While their reactions are absolutely hilarious, it’s safe to say that most Nightwing fans will agree that it’s about time for Dick and Barbara to move forward as a legit couple in the DC Universe. Tom Taylor certainly seems to think so. While it may come as a disappointment to those who would prefer for Nightwing to get together with Starfire, DC has definitely developed Dick’s relationship with Batgirl way more in recent years. Even before Nightwing told those 3 important words to Batgirl, they’d already been spending all their time with each other and they’ve even been taking care of an adorable three-legged dog.

While Nightwing immediately apologizes for the slip of his true feelings, Barbara appreciating the sentiment certainly seems like a good sign for their future. However, the question remains as to when and if Batgirl will say she loves Nightwing back. Fans will just have to wait and see as Taylor and Redondo’s incredible Nightwing run continues.

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