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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Get (& Use) Golden Muck | Screen Rant

Golden Muck is a Rarity-4 resource in Monster Hunter Rise used for crafting and upgrading a variety of weaponry, such as the Rath Flamesplitter II Switch Axe or Devil Masher I Hammer. This resource is also required for forging the Almudron Mail and Almudron Vambraces. Both armor pieces offer a Base Defense of 30, with 36 as the max. Additionally, the Almudron Mail armor in Monster Hunter Rise provides the Razor Sharp, a Skill Effect that prevents one’s weapon from losing Sharpness, and the Vambraces provide Evade Window and Rapid Morph. Evade Window extends the invulnerability of I-frames when dodging, and Rapid Morph is a weapon-exclusive Skill Effect for increasing the switch speed and power for Switch Axes and Charge Blades.

As implied by the names of the Almudron Mail and Almudron Vambraces, Golden Muck is acquired from Almudron, a Large Monster in Monster Hunter Rise that can use swamps and mud for a combative advantage. Hunters are first introduced to this beast during the Urgent Quest, “Hermit of the Swamp,” the mission which serves as the players’ entry point to ★6 Quests.

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Completing an Almudron Hunt in Monster Hunter Rise will provide participants with a 22% chance of receiving Golden Muck. For the Capture Reward, players have a 13% chance of getting the resource in Monster Hunter Rise. Finally, the Dropped Material Reward has the highest possibility of 30% to grant players the Golden Muck they desire.

Therefore, the best way to farm Golden Muck in Monster Hunter Rise is by breaking parts off the Almudron in combat. Part-breaking requires that combatants deal high damage to the monster in a specific area. An optimal way to do this is by examining the beast’s weaknesses and characteristics. First, Almudron is a Leviathan-type monster highly susceptible to Fire and Fireblight. It also takes more damage from Ice attacks.

Next, Almudron will start the fight, covered in a thick layer of mud that serves as its armor. This mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise is similar to how Jyuratodus coats itself in muddy mire to ensure the damage taken is reduced. Hence, getting rid of this protective covering is essential before parts can be broken off of Almudron. The best places to break are the monster’s head and tail, where it will take high-blade damage at its tail tip and high-blunt damage at its head. Finally, use Nulberries to stave away Waterblight inflicted during the fight. Additionally, always remember to focus on attacking the swollen Mud Ball on the Almudron’s body to reduce its power and stun it in the process.

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Monster Hunter Rise is available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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