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Marvel Finally Acknowledges Scarlet Witch's Other Son is a True Hero

Warning: Spoilers for Marvel’s Voices Infinity Comic #9

The recent Marvel’s Voices Infinity Comic #9, which is the 5th part in its current Young Avengers arc, focuses on the Scarlet Witch‘s son Speed, Wanda’s child who has often been left in the background as stories highlight his more cosmically important brother Wiccan. However, Anthony Oliveira’s Speed-focused story re-centers Tommy Shepard as a kind, compassionate young man who is just as much a hero as his brother Billy, even if his heroics are on a much smaller scale.

The Marvel’s Voices: Young Avengers Infinity Comic has been a heart wrenching reintroduction to the fan favorite team, which started with Iron Lad (a young time-displaced Kang the Conqueror) fighting against a future Doctor Doom, forced to call for help from his Young Avengers through time and space. His plea for help was sent via the M’Kraan Crystal, a powerful object in Marvel lore, which has been haunting the different members of the Young Avengers with moments from their traumatic pasts.

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Marvel’s Voices Infinity Comic #9 – written by Anthony Oliveira with art by Ramón Bachs and Michael Wiggam – features an adorable story that focuses on Speed and his boyfriend Prodigy, a mutant of Krakoa who also appeared as part of Kieron Gillen’s second volume of Young Avengers. The other main character in this scrolling Infinity Comic is a deep cut, the long time Avengers villain Master Pandemonium, a once normal human transformed by Mephisto who played a crucial role in the story of Tommy and Billy’s creation by the Scarlet Witch. Now affectionately called “Master P” by Speed, Martin Preston was a graduate of Juilliard and a successful Hollywood actor when he drunkenly crashed his car and died, before Mephisto appeared before him and traded him his life for demonic power and servitude. Acting as a major antagonist to the West Coast Avengers, Master P eventually lost much of his power and settled down in Wanda, Vision, Tommy, and Billy’s old family home in Cresskill, New Jersey, where he was found by Tommy and Billy back in 2008’s Young Avengers Presents #3. Since then it appears that Tommy has been living on-and-off in his old room in that home while taking care of the aging and mentally deteriorating Master P, who is very appreciative of Tommy’s support and care.

Tommy helps Martin bathe, eat, and generally take care of himself while also humoring him by watching his old Hollywood films, something that nobody asked him to do, and nobody would expect him to do, since Master Pandemonium was serious villain of Tommy’s mother for years and years. Prodigy visits Speed at his home with Master P, who is sweetly unaware of their romantic relationship, and expressed concern to Tommy about Master P’s instability. In a surprisingly emotionally deep moment for Tommy he reflects on how everyone in his life has left him, including his brother who now has major responsibilities as the future Demiurge and Court Magician to his husband Emperor Hulkling, before reflecting that Master P, “…needs me. Needs someone, anyway.” While Tommy and David are upstairs Master P intervenes on the cryptic Patriot entity, last seen haunting the Young Avengers in Young Avengers Vol. 2, which manifested due to the power of the M’Kraan Crystal and uses his demonic powers to protect Speed, sending the entity away. It is truly powerful and heartwarming to see Speed shown as a through-and-through hero, one who has outgrown many of his more childish faults, and has decided to use what power he does have to help those who need it.

The Scarlet Witch and her son Wiccan often get the brunt of attention in Marvel Comics, so it is awesome that Anthony Oliveira was able to tell such a genuine and moving story about Speed of the Young Avengers, that highlights his heroics in a way not seen before.

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Marvel’s Voices Infinity Comic #9 is available now exclusively on the Marvel Unlimited app.

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