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Kristin Cavallari Admits Laguna Beach Revealed Her Insecurities

Kristin Cavallari was not as confident at 17 as everyone thought she was, as her experience rewatching Laguna Beach showed her just how insecure she was as a teenager. Before taking over Lauren Conrad’s spot on The Hills, Kristin was feuding with the star on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. At the time, Kristin was dating Stephen Colletti, but that never stopped Lauren from trying to tear the two apart so that she could have Stephen for herself. Unsurprisingly, Lauren’s antics brought out the worst in Kristin, and the star was painted as the mean girl and villain of the show. Most fans resonated with Lauren’s persona and, despite Stephen’s commitment to Kristin, hoped that he’d eventually end up with Lauren.

In May, Kristin and Stephen announced they would be hosting a Laguna Beach rewatch podcast called Back to the Beach With Kristin and Stephen. The two have not announced a release date for their show but have said that they will give fans a behind-the-scenes scoop on what they didn’t see on the show. Kristin previously said that rewatching the show for the podcast has been therapeutic. In the past, the Uncommon James founder said that she hated the way she was portrayed on the show and got very upset watching the episodes as a teenager because she felt she was made out to be the villain. However, at 35 years old, Kristin seems to have come to terms with her experience on the show.

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At the time, Kristin seemed like she had it all together, but the star admits that while rewatching the show, she realizes how insecure she actually was. Kristin’s tell-it-like-it-is persona was not as authentic as fans may have thought because Kristin told Lewis Howes on his The School of Greatness podcast that she was not confident at all. “On the show, everyone looked at me as the confident girl, and people couldn’t believe I was so confident for my age,” Kristin shared. “When I watch it back now, I don’t see someone who’s confident at all. I actually see someone who is extremely insecure.” 

The Laguna Beach star elaborated, “I was the one always trying to tear other people down or talking sh*t or whatever it was, and that’s an insecurity, that’s not being confident.” The Very Cavallari star says if she could change anything about her teenage self, she would give her more self-love so she wouldn’t feel like she needed to hurt other people to make herself feel better. Kristin shared that a lot of her behavior on the show resulted from her fear of vulnerability. She’s mentioned many times in the past that she would never fight or have personal discussions with Stephen while cameras were rolling because she didn’t want to be vulnerable. Instead, it made her seem as though she didn’t want to deal with her relationship problems and would rather avoid the issues.

Kristin has grown a lot since her time on Laguna Beach. For starters, she’s no longer a teenager, has gone through a public divorce, and her main priority aside from her jewelry business is her three children. The star has since learned to love herself and can now understand all the things that caused her to be the person she was on the reality show. She proudly says that she no longer hurts other people to protect herself, which is to the benefit of everyone in her life. She also is living a much more fulfilling life, and while she’s revisited Laguna Beach for her podcast, it’s safe to say she will never be the cruel Kristin she was on the show.

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Source: The School of Greatness/Spotify

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