Juventus Intend To Sign Memphis Depay

FC Barcelona do not count on Memphis and, in the last few hours, Juventus have shown interest in the striker.

For his departure to Turin to become a reality, according to ‘Sport’, the ‘Vecchia Signora’ will need the Dutchman’s help. And, in order to make it happen, he would first have to renew his contract with Barça because the ‘Bianconeri’ would not have the money to afford a transfer.

A loan with an option to buy. That is the way Juventus intend to sign Memphis. Right now, the Italian club cannot afford the transfer of the striker. According to ‘Sport’, the Italian club would be interested in signing him, but on loan.

Once the 2022-23 season has passed, the club from Turin would be able to afford the purchase option with guarantees. 20 million would be paid to Barça in one year.

The problem is that for this option to be possible, Memphis would have to renew his contract with Barça. He would have to commit for one more year, i.e. until 2024.

Barcelona and Juventus would be happy with the terms of the deal. However, the Dutchman does not see it clearly, as he wants to stay at Barça at all costs.

Memphis considers that he has made a great effort for Barça. He took a pay cut when he had important economic offers and considers that he should be given the opportunity to continue, at least until the World Cup is over.

Xavi could be the key. Barça wants him to act as a go-between and convince him to leave, as with the front line at its best, he won’t have a chance.

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