Israel Defense Forces expose new Hamas tunnels and weapons manufacturing sites in Gaza civilian areas

The use of human shields in Gaza is a longstanding practice. Martyrdom is a supreme calling in Islam. 

The Palestinians also indoctrinate children to shed their last drop of blood in the way of jihad, and send them to jihad summer camp for kids. Using Palestinian civilians as human shields is deemed an honorable mission. 

“IDF exposes ‘Hamas sites’ in Gaza civilian areas, in bid to explain future strikes,” by Emauel Fabian, Times of Israel, July 27, 2022:

The Israel Defense Forces accused Gaza’s Hamas terror group of building up military infrastructure in civilian areas and adjacent to schools, mosques and businesses Wednesday, in an apparent bid to pre-emptively justify collateral damage from any future strikes in the densely populated enclave.

The efforts come following harsh international scrutiny over Israel’s actions during last year’s war with Gaza, which included dozens of civilian deaths and a major airstrike on a building used by international media outlets.

Officials at the IDF’s Southern Command, briefed members of the foreign press corps in Israel on a series of sites where the army says Hamas has placed military infrastructure near civilian areas.

These included a tunnel that runs next to a Pepsi soft drink factory and a United Nations-funded school in Gaza City. The IDF said the tunnel was used by Hamas to both store weaponry and mobilize fighters.

Several other Hamas weapon manufacturing and storage sites and tunnels situated near schools, universities, mosques, and other civilian sites were also presented to the reporters, including an arms factory close to Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital. The military also published the identities of several Hamas fighters who live in buildings above tunnel entrances.

Israel argues that Hamas’s use of civilian areas for military activity, including launching rockets at Israel, amounts to a war crime….

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