I don’t intentionally dress sensually — Actress

An actress, Caroline Igben, has said she just dresses in whatever she feels comfortable in, not with the intention to be sensual.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, “I have always worn whatever I feel comfortable in. It just happened. I did not notice on time. People just used to say my dress style is sensual. It didn’t start out intentionally. I open my wardrobe and whatever I feel looks good on me, I wear it.

“However, I realise that because I am in the public space, I have to be intentional about what I wear.”

On how she copes with admiration from male fans who want more than being friends, she said, “I am currently in a relationship. If it is ever sexual, I will just tell them I am not available.

“I am pretty much nice to people but when I see that they are trying to overstep their boundaries, I won’t respond to them.

“Perhaps, if I was single, it would be a question of if I was attracted to the person. But, a simple ‘no’ or a nicely said ‘yes’ will literally be my answer.”

Igben also opined that being an actress was not a determinant of having a good marriage or not. She said, “A lot is happening with marriages, and it is not just about actresses. It is just because we are in the public eye that things about us get amplified.

“People have bad marriages, regardless of their careers. It is just that when one is in the public space, things that happen to one is public knowledge.”

Asked if she had ever had a sex-for-roles experience, she said, “I have an experience where somebody called me for work and I did the work, and they later said they were attracted to me. But, I have never had a sex-for-role experience.”

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