How to cope with and even avoid Lagos traffic

As a true reflection of being the epicentre of commercial activities in the country, most major and minor roads in Lagos are always filled with people trying to get to their various places of work as early as possible. Lagosians really believe that there is no food for a lazy man.  

The traffic situation that daily characterises life in Lagos is an unpleasant experience that has defied all efforts to solve it. The reasons for the daily traffic include but are not limited to the city’s large population, bad roads, accidents, social/political/religious events, poor town planning, and impatience of drivers.   

Since the relevant authorities in Lagos State have not been able to find a lasting solution to this situation, it is best for individuals to look for solutions or ways of avoiding Lagos traffic.  

Here are some practicable and proven ways of coping with and avoiding getting stuck in Lagos traffic.  

1. Make use of public transport (BRTs and bikes)  

If you need to go out during rush hours, it is advisable that you make use of public transport such as the bus rapid transit (BRT) or bikes. The BRT, for instance, has separate lanes which they take, so your chances of getting into traffic are reduced to the barest minimum. The ability of bike riders to manoeuvre their way through traffic situations also makes them a good option for avoiding Lagos traffic.   

2. Make use of boats or train   

The availability of a working rail system and waterways in Lagos gives you another great way of beating Lagos traffic. If you can get to your destination by using the waterways or the train system, please do so, as this will save you from Lagos traffic in no small way.  

3. Leave home early   

In order to avoid getting stuck for hours in Lagos traffic, it is best you leave home very early, especially on work days. Depending on where you work and where you live, calculate the time it takes to commute and leave an hour earlier. This is just to be on the safe side in case of any traffic congestion.   

4. Avoid rush hours  

Rush hours in Lagos are certain hours in the day when workers, business owners, students, and other residents in the state are either trying to get to work or get home.  

Rush hours in the morning are from 6 am to 10 am and in the evening from 4 pm to 10 pm, although these times can vary. So, if possible, you can avoid going out during rush hours and if not leave home very early.   

5. Ask fellow drivers for traffic updates   

No one is an island of knowledge and it is not possible to see beyond where you are. When on the road, you can ask if there is traffic from other drivers that are coming from where you are heading to.  This gives you an heads up on how to navigate your way in order not to get stuck in traffic.   

6. Listen to traffic radio stations   

Another effective way of avoiding traffic in Lagos is by listening to radio stations that give updates about the traffic situation in the city before leaving home and while on your way to your destination.   

In a bid to monitor and ease the traffic situation in Lagos, a state-owned traffic radio station, 96.1 FM was established. Listening to this radio station daily will help you know how to navigate your way in Lagos. Apart from 96.1FM, there are other radio stations that also give updates on the traffic situation in Lagos.   

7. Make use of Google maps   

As a result of technological advancement in the world, an application known as Google Maps is another sure bet in helping you navigate your way through Lagos traffic. This app provides alternative routes to your destination in case the route you intend on plying is congested.   

As the epicentre of commercial activities, Lagos and its traffic situation are inseparable. Following the steps discussed above will help you in no small way in avoiding Lagos traffic.   


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