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Harry Potter: 10 Canon Events Fans Need To See On Screen

Harry Potter fans are still unsure whether the Fantastic Beasts franchise will receive another installment after the box office struggles of The Secrets of Dumbledore. Despite the enduring love and interest in the Harry Potter universe, the spin-off featuring the earlier years in Albus Dumbledore’s life seems to have not grabbed audiences’ attention like Warner Bros likely thought it would. However, there may still be hope for Fantastic Beasts and other wizarding world stories.

While only time will tell if Newt’s story will regain interest with audiences down the road, there is always a great chance of more spin-offs taking its place. This is even more likely considering the sheer number of details left out of the Harry Potter movies. While the books and the additional information given on the Wizarding World website paint a spectacular picture of Harry’s story, nothing brings a world to life like a movie or series adaptation.

In Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry learned that his father had been a part of a group called the Marauders. James had been the leader of this group, and together they turned themselves into animagi, invented the Marauder’s Map, and pulled all kinds of mischief around Hogwarts castle.

Only a few scenes in the books described the events surrounding the Marauders firsthand and even less made it into the movies. However, enough was revealed about James and his friends to pique audiences’ interest. Their story was full of rule-breaking, betrayal, and romance, and a screen adaptation is guaranteed to gain a curious audience.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows revealed that Lily had been Snape’s first friend. The movie showed how Snape and Lily met shortly before going to Hogwarts, but the books described just how close their friendship had been. The two not only went to school together but also lived near each other, so whether at school or at home, they were inseparable.

The best friends talked about their troubled home lives and made plans for their futures. They were both potions geniuses, and while it is never explicitly stated in the books, they likely experimented with their brews together. These scenes on-screen could add some better depth to the understanding of their relationship and could easily be included in a Marauders spin-off.

The Wizarding World website describes how the prison Azkaban came to be, and the disturbing story could easily become a thriller movie or series all its own. The prison is on an island that cannot be seen on either a Muggle or wizarding map and was once the home of a Dark wizard names Ekrizdis.

Ekrizdis built his tower on an island in the North Sea and lured muggle sailors into being captured. While it is unknown what Ekrizdis did to his prisoners, the misery experienced there was enough to spawn hundreds of Dementors. After the evil wizard’s death, the Ministry took advantage of the building and its host of cruel guards and established Azkaban Prison.

While Minerva McGonagall’s personal life was never described in the Harry Potter books or movies, J.K. Rowling had a lot to say about the strict but lovable school teacher on Wizarding World. As it turns out, McGonagall was raised by a witch mother and Muggle father, who had not known about his wife’s magical abilities until Minerva was due to start school.

This affected her parents’ marriage greatly, so when Minerva fell into a passionate romance with a Muggle boy, she felt it couldn’t last. She broke off their relationship and went away to work at the Ministry, but she never stopped loving her old flame. While McGonagall’s past had no bearing on Harry’s story, the history of the beloved teacher is bound to attract a movie audience.

After leaving school, Draco Malfoy began to lead a somewhat different life than the one he had been raised in. His faith in the Dark Arts had been rattled, and the compassionate examples set by Dumbledore and even Harry led him to think about the world a little differently.

Draco ended up marrying a girl who had grown up in a pure-blood wizarding family and had also been raised to believe she was superior to Muggles. However, she refused to raise her son, Scorpio, with the same belief, which caused grief in both her and Draco’s families. While Scorpio’s character is shown in The Cursed Child play, a film or series showing Draco’s switch from his parents’ legacy would give a satisfying ending to his story.

While the story of the Deathly Hallows describes how the brave Peverell brothers made a deal with Death for the three objects of legend, Dumbledore suspected that the trio were, in reality, just very talented inventors. Whether or not they ever met Death is unclear, but it is still an interesting story.

There is great interest in the Peverells not just for the objects that they created, but because they are the ancestors to both Harry and Voldemort, if not several other witches or wizards in Harry Potter. It would be interesting to see a screen adaptation that shows the Hallows’ true story and the tragedy their existence caused for their creators.

Many fans were happy to see in the Harry Potter epilogue that Harry and Ginny were married with three children. This does, of course, imply that a Weasley-Potter wedding did take place at some point between Harry’s defeat of Voldemort and the moment he sends his son to school on the Hogwarts Express.

While a wedding did happen, fans know nothing about the event itself. However, the moment that Harry became an official member of the Weasley family was likely an emotional one. Molly Weasley’s reaction alone would make the event worth seeing on screen, but Harry finally gaining a family of his own would be a bonus.

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Remus Lupin reveals that Fenrir Greyback had been the werewolf that had turned him. However, Wizarding World has revealed that there was much more to the story. Remus’ father, Lyall Lupin, had been an expert in Dark creatures, and during Voldemort’s first rise to power, he was invited to the Ministry to share his expertise.

Lyall then shared his opinion on werewolves, stating that they were savage beasts who deserved no human courtesy. Unfortunately, Greyback heard this and chose to seek revenge by biting Lyall’s son. The story is sad, but its themes of family and love, as well as the lessons on prejudice, make it fall in line with what Harry Potter fans love to see on screen.

Before his death, Lupin made Harry his son’s godfather. This means that after the Second Wizarding War, Harry became the guardian of an orphaned child. Of course, little Teddy went to live with his grandmother, Andromeda Tonks, but the series epilogue made it clear that Harry was still a significant part of the child’s life.

Harry would likely relate to Teddy a great deal. As an orphan, it can safely be assumed that Harry would do anything in his power to make sure that Teddy felt loved and that he never forgot who his parents had been. The idea of their relationship is a touching one, and their story together would no doubt bring waves of tears to the audience.

Snape’s memories in Deathly Hallows showed that Lily was not in the least bit interested in her future husband during most of her school years. James was notorious for being unkind and going to great lengths to gain himself attention. However, at some point after their fifth year, the very unlikely pair fell in love.

Sirius and Lupin told Harry that his father had changed as he got older and that Lily would never have married him if it had been otherwise. While Harry Potter fans know this, the details remain unclear. For this reason, a movie or series showing the love story of Harry’s parents would greatly enhance audiences’ understanding of where Harry had come from.

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