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Gino Wows 90 Day Fiancé Fans With 20-Year-Old Throwback Pic With Hair

Former 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Gino Palazzolo has recently stunned fans by posting a decades-old photo of himself with hair. Viewers first saw the 52-year-old Michigan native in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5, where he appeared alongside his Panamanian love interest Jasmine Pineda. The couple had one of the most interesting relationships in the franchise, which was full of dramatic moments and chaos. On the show, fans saw the two go through multiple issues, such as Jasmine’s obsessive jealousy and Gino’s lies. However, the couple made stayed together in the end and exited the show engaged.

The two things fans enjoyed about the couple were their unique personalities and lots of mystery. One such secret was Gino and his fixation with wearing caps. He never took his hat off during the first few episodes of the season. He even kept it on during the most intimate moments with Jasmine. This habit of wearing hats led 90 Day Fiancé viewers to wonder what Gino might look like without his headgear. In one episode, Jasmine angrily took off her man’s hat, revealing his head. Unsurprisingly, Gino wasn’t hiding anything but his shiny bald head.

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Gino loves sharing throwback photos of himself on his social media. This time, he astonished fans with his 20-year-old picture. In the post, the 90 Day Fiancé franchise cast member Gino wore an oversized black jacket with blue pants and had a full head of hair. He wrote, “This is me in London, England 20 years ago,” adding that the city with Big Ben is a very interesting and fun place to visit. He stood on the sidewalk in the photo, with the popular clocktower in his background. Gino looked young and almost unrecognizable compared to how he appeared in Before the 90 Days season 5.

Fans were astounded by Gino’s throwback post and shared sweet comments for him. An Instagram user wrote that it is a great photo, adding, “I like to look at old photos, comparing a person as he was before and as he has become now!” Another user commented, “Nice photo maybe @jasminepanama you could go next time and have newer memories.” Jasmine Pineda also shared a cute comment and asked her beau to take her to Europe. She added, “It’s not fair you took women in your past, but not me.” It seems Gino got terrified by his fiancé’s angry face emoji and tried to cool her off with, “Of course I will take you silly.”

Despite Gino’s flaws and past lies, he seems to be a sweet man. 90 Day Fiancé fans love his meme-worthy expressions and childlike persona in difficult situations. As a result, he has become one of the most memorable 90 Day Fiancé cast members due to his weird antics on the show. Things like refusing to take off his hat and gifting his fiancé a toothbrush are unintentionally hilarious moments that made fans laugh whenever he argued with Jasmine. Hopefully, 90 Day Fiancé viewers will see him again on the show, since he is yet to marry the love of his life.

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Source: Gino Palazzolo/Instagram

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