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Game Of Thrones: 10 Times Tyrion Lannister Proved He Was The Smartest Character

There are many characters fans hope to see make an appearance in the newly announced Game of Thrones spin-off series focusing on Jon Snow. While Jon Snow escaped North of the Wall, it is possible that some fan-fav0rite characters from the Seven Kingdoms, like Tyrion Lannister, will make an appearance.

Tyrion Lannister is one of the most beloved characters in Game of Thrones, and many fans consider him to be the most intelligent person in the series. Several key decisions Tyrion made throughout the show proved he was the smartest character, even if those moments seemed fewer and farther between in the series’ final seasons.

Tyrion is the most intelligent player in the Game of Thrones, but he wasn’t the strongest fighter. When there were times he knew he would have to fight his way to victory, he was smart enough to know he would have to use his wit and not his fists.

When Catelyn Stark accuses Tyrion of plotting to assassinate her son Bran, she puts him on trial at The Vale. Using his wit, Tyrion chooses to demand a trial by combat. Having his newfound friend Bronn fight in his trial, he comes out victorious and free.

Tyrion devised a brilliant plan during the Battle of Blackwater, resulting in King’s Landing’s victory. Though it looked like Stannis’s fleet was going to destroy their forces and take over the capital, Tyrion sends a loan ship into the center of Stannis’s fleet and blows it up with wildfire.

By destroying a large portion of Stannis’s army without even having to throw any men into the mix, Tyrion turned the tides on the battle. Had he not turned out to be a brilliant military strategist, they would have lost the capital and many of them would have likely been executed.

One of the best Tyrion Lannister episodes is when he is freed from the dungeon and goes to seek out his father. If he had left his father alive and escaped, Tywin would have had the resources necessary to hunt down his son and murder him.

While it may have been safer for him to simply escape and flee the country, Tyrion was thinking ahead when he chose to kill his father. Not only was he getting revenge for the horrible way his father treated him, but he was eliminating one of his (and many others’) greatest enemies.

After Tyrion was sentenced to die at King’s Landing and then murdered his father, he knew he wouldn’t be safe no matter where he went in Westeros. However, his intelligence and guidance would be an asset to other rulers. When he agreed to go with Varys to seek out Daenerys Targaryen, he was making one of the smartest moves to ensure his survival.

While this plan was good in theory, it turned out well in Tyrion’s favor. When he met the queen, he was quick to begin advising her and prove that his knowledge would be an asset to her.

Before he made it to Daenerys, Tyrion was captured by Jorah Mormont. The disgraced man thought he would get back into the queen’s good graces if he brought Tyrion Lannister to her as a gift to prove his allegiance.

However, before they reached Meereen, they were captured by slavers. Tyrion would have died if he hadn’t convinced the captain that he was more valuable alive. Furthermore, he was able to convince the man who purchased Jorah that he was a package deal, leading them both into the fighting pits where Daenerys was.

By the time these two ended up in front of Daenerys’s throne, Tyrion had learned that Jorah was an honorable man dedicated to the queen. However, when asked what she should do with the traitor, Tyrion decided to offer advice that would make him appear most strategical.

By telling the queen he thought the man should be banished from her city, despite his love for her, Tyrion was proving he knew a great deal about the choices rulers have to make. Though it seemed like a betrayal, leaving Jorah to restore his own honor in the eyes of the queen was more beneficial for Tyrion’s future.

When Daenerys is carried off by Drogon and has to be rescued, Tyrion is left in charge to rule in her stead. However, he soon realizes the Mother of Dragons cannot rule effectively, even with her army, without her dragons.

Tyrion, though he risks his life, makes the decision to go into the dungeon where her two other dragons are being held and unlock their chains for them. When they don’t attack him, or immediately try to escape, he has learned that they are intelligent creatures and they can still be of use when they have to travel across the Narrow Sea.

There are a lot of ways Game of Thrones foreshadows Daenerys becoming a villain, including when she crucifies the masters in Meereen. However, Tyrion tries to create peace by bargaining with the other slave masters in neighboring cities in Slaver’s Bay.

Though the masters end up turning on them, it was a strategical move to allow them some time to adjust to the new order. By bargaining with the powerful men in Slaver’s Bay, he was avoiding rebellion and further conflict within their queen’s city.

It was clear Tyrion and Jon were destined to be friends when he defends the Northerners and asks Daenerys to allow them to mine the dragonglass. Tyrion never blindly followed anyone and instead always used his intelligence to persuade people to see things the way he did.

By mining the dragonglass, they were not only able to gain an ally in Jon Snow and his Northern legion, but they were able to prepare for the impending war with the Night King. Had Tyrion not used his smarts to persuade the queen, there likely would have been more unnecessary conflict that would have hindered their ability to fight off the dead.

Tyrion was loyal to Daenerys for a long time, but when she destroyed King’s Landing and announced she would continue to dominate the world, he knew what they would mean for peace in the world.

One of the smartest moves Tyrion ever made throughout his many years in this series was convincing Jon Snow he needed to execute the queen. He not only knew she would continue to wreak havoc on innocent people, but he knew that Jon was the one person that could let her drop her guard.

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