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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mod Lets Cloud Wear His Kingdom Hearts Outfit

Cloud has received a big makeover in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but a player has added to his design by modding a Kingdom Hearts outfit into the game. With FF7 being one of the series’ most popular entries, there is a large amount of excitement surrounding multiple projects currently in development. Upcoming projects include the prequel Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion remaster and the highly anticipated part two of the remake trilogy titled Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

A few years after FF7 was initially released, one of the game’s creators, Tetsuya Nomura, created Kingdom Hearts. The series told an original story including cameos of several popular Final Fantasy protagonists alongside iconic characters from the Disney universe. These special appearances include a redesigned version of Cloud, who stars in the Olympus Coliseum alongside the notorious Sephiroth. Nomura chose to update both characters’ designs, with Cloud’s outfit and personality teasing the main character’s possibly troubled post-FF7 future. The look included a battle-worn buster sword and a small black wing reminiscent of Sephiroth’s single massive black feathered wing. While Cloud has been featured in several different video games, Nomura’s Kingdom Hearts design remains a fan favorite, making it the perfect option to add to Final Fantasy 7 Remake with PC mods.

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For those looking to dress Cloud up, modder ColossalCake has introduced his Kingdom Hearts design to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, reimagining the popular outfit with updated graphics and attention to detail. As shared by ArtemaSeeker on Twitter, Cloud’s KH design is shown in FF7R on PC. The mod reskins Cloud, and is fully playable throughout the entire game. Those wanting to dress Cloud up in the classic Kingdom Hearts look can download ColossalCake’s mod on the NexusMods website.

This new mod adds the perfect touch of nostalgia for both Kingdom Hearts and FF7 fans and offers an example of what fans of the series can do with the base game. Unlike the limitations of the original console release, the PC version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the perfect canvas for creative mods. Players have given iconic FF7 villains like Sephiroth makeovers to look like Ronald McDonald, while other mods have adjusted the game’s camera to more closely resemble the fixed angles used in the original PS1 release of FF7. Each of these additions gives fans of both new and older FF7 titles new ways to experience the iconic world of Gaia, as well as have fun with popular characters in humorous or inventive ways.

While the release date for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is still a ways away, it is also likely players will come up with interesting mods once the next installment comes to PC. Unfortunately, it has been confirmed the new game will be a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 5, but it is likely a PC edition of the game will become available at a later date, offering players wider accessibility. While many of the mods for Final Fantasy 7 Remake are silly or only add cosmetic changes to the game, they are a great way for players to bring past favorite concepts to new titles, allowing fans of the series to celebrate all the different designs that have been used throughout the years.

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Sources: ArtemaSeeker/Twitter, ColossalCake/NexusMods

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