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Exclusive: Immortal Studios' ASSASSIN G Coming To Kickstarter [EMBARGO 12pm ET]

Immortal Studios‘ is expanding its martial arts fantasy Storyverse with Assassin G, which is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign later this month. The story of Assassin G is incredibly popular in China and has been adapted to television four times. This will mark the property’s first English language adaptation.

Assassin G is the Los Angeles-based Immortal Studios’ latest martial arts tale that seeks to bring the Wuxia literary tradition to the comic book form. Wuxia refers to the age-old genre of Chinese fiction that focuses on the tales of heroes who uses their exceptional martial arts skills to protect the public interest, take down corrupt officials, and avenge those who have down them wrong. While the Wuxia tradition is based in feudal China, with Assassin G Immortal Studios hopes to produce a decidedly modern interpretation of the ancient storytelling art to attract a whole new generation to a rich, and entertaining cache of content.

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Assassin G is written by Jen Troy with art by He Tao and tells the story of  Chinese-American Margot Gan, an orphan who was raised under the tutelage of a martial arts master. She grows up to become Assassin G and seeks revenge against the Seven Cultivations Alliance, who were responsible for the betrayal of her stepmother. However, while in the midst of avenging her family’s honor, she meets a member of her target organization. Ultimately, the two falls in love, causing a range of issues that affect them on the battlefield, within their families, and most importantly with themselves personally. In discussing the story Troy stated, “Besides being a skilled martial artist, Assassin G is a woman caught up in a generational family war like Romeo and Juliet. She seeks revenge and enacts it – all while wearing pants.”

In producing Assassin G, Troy did not have to look far for inspiration or ideas. The comic is based on the popular Wuxia story, Sister Gan Nineteen by Shiao Yi, one of the foremost authors of the Wuxia genre, and the father of Immortal Studios’ Founder and CEO Peter Payhuan Shiao. In discussing how Assassin G developed, Shiao commented, “We’re transporting the core story elements of the original into the greed-fueled, pop driven, and post war days of the early 1980s at a time when many of the ancient traditions are disappearing to reflect where we are at today.”

In regards to Immortal Studio’s efforts to introduce Wuxia to the American comic book reading public, Shiao stated:

Assassin G‘s first will feature a main cover by He Tao, as well as variant covers from celebrated comic book artists Jim Cheung, Joyce Chin, and Gene Ha, and a variant cover by celebrated painter Gian Galang.

Assassin G delivers Wuxia action and international intrigue,” said He Tao. “Each page needs to capture the interpersonal drama that drives the story, along with widescreen set pieces and ‘80s era culture. I was a fan of the original Gang 19th Sister in Chinese, and it’s a career high to bring the story of Assassin G and JP Yin to life in the first ever comic book adaptation of the story to bring this classic to a new international audience.”

While the Immortal Studio‘s Assassin G Kickstarter campaign is set to begin later this month, a pre-launch page is already available on Kickstarter right now. Check out the Assassin G project here.

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